Sunday, 25 September 2011

Yippee.... Computer says YEEEESSS.... to my first You Tube Video :D

I do LOVE my new lappy!!  

My old one wouldn't allow me to upload videos from my camera onto it, but this new one does: D  

So, although it's not brilliant, here's my first little You Tube Video.  I made it before I started packing the old bags so there's a lot of lovely stuff piled on my desk, lots of it has gone now though.  

As I mentioned in my last post, I saved an Old Bag for some blog candy and this video will show the sort of things the winner will get in their Old Bag.  

You can visit our You Tube channel HERE where you are able to subscribe and watch other clips etc.

We'll be adding more there in due course, especially now that I can add proper videos!!

Well, I've managed to get that done but I'm struggling to get the graphics bit ready for the blog candy, I'll keep at it and will be back with it asap!

Jill x

Friday, 23 September 2011

Grrr... Computer says noooooooo!!

I've been AWOL as my old lappy slowed down and down to a stand still then it finally gave up:(  It's been so frustratingly slow and painful to work on and I really should have got a new one ages ago, why oh why did I struggle with it for so long!!!  

I got a new one this afternoon and I'm busy filling it up and making it mine:)  I cannot believe how quick this new one is compared to my old thing, I'm sure computer life will become so much easier now.  The difference is unbelievable, a whole new world :D  I think I've lost some files for good, my fault for not backing up more regularly but it really was a painful chore on my 7 year old:(  I did ask Dell about renewing my warranty a while ago when the screen gave up, the man just laughed!!!  I don't think they have stock of spare parts for it any more, it's just a little too vintage!

Ian and I are now squabbling about who gets to drive the van over the old one, 'cos it is going to happen!!!  We may wait until it's fully laden with stock for Port Sunny show and then really squish it ;D

Anyway, blog candy got delayed, but it will be coming soon...

Jill x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Our 1st You Tube Video is here on our blog!

Well, look at me and technology... It's our first You Tube Slideshow, there are a couple more there now with more clips to follow... Want a peek at more?  Visit us and perhaps subscribe HERE

The kit is sold out but we will have more available soon!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend

Jill x

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Old Bags - Sold Out!

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the GNPE show in Harrogate this weekend, it was great to meet up with new and old friends.  Hugs all round are always nice:)   (That's the only reason Ian goes LOL!!)

I cannot remember the last time I came home from a show with clean hands!  I didn't demonstrate inks or stains this time but the Crafty Edger from Woodware, that is such a clever gadget!  I know that all that bought it will enjoy using it and it was great to hear from those that already have it that they love it too after using it for a while.  

We took the original photo that Ian and I had when we dressed up in the Edwardian outfits 20 years ago and it was lovely to reminisce with customers who remember us around the time we had it taken, how wonderful to see that those early customers are still making cards and enjoying their hobby and Ian is still getting the blame for starting them off with it all!!  

As far as their husbands go, it was particularly interesting for Ian to hear from a husband of a long standing customer that he had just attained second place in the world karate championships, he missed becoming world champion by a fraction of a point.  It is great to catch up and hear all the news from customers we have known for so long.

Even Batty Barb flapped in from France accompanied by the lovely Stef and Pam who I haven't seen for a long time.

That's the great thing about shows:)

The Old Bags were a real hit and another lady came back this afternoon and told me that she'd bought one yesterday and after seeing what she had was REALLY pleased with it, I could see that she and her friend were so excited, I think they had a Numbers and Letters Old Bag.  

Ian has told me tonight that a lady looked at a travel kit and said I don't care what else is in the kit, I just want that aeroplane!!!!!  I know she also got a little car, I remember packing that particular kit, I'm sure she will be happy with the rest of the contents too.  See, I told you I became far too attached to all the contents of those kits!

If you have missed my previous posts about them, I should explain that they are Limited Editions, and are all different.   The good news is that there will be more, so watch this space!

It's been a lovely weekend, so just to say thank you everyone for all your support!

Jill and Ian xx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Old Bag Configuration Box

Just a swift post before I head to bed before the show tomorrow.  

I wanted to show you a really quick small configuration box I made using some of MY kit (sorry but of course I HAD to have a kit myself to test:)  ...Who am I kidding!!

I used a letters and numbers kit, now I do need to point out that you don't get everything on my work desk, and every bag is different so there won't be any straight copying of this going on I'm afraid!!  Your kit will be a mystery and a challenge just for you.  

I honestly could have kept and stroked all that stuff daily and I will inwardly weep when those bags go, but I know they will go to good homes so that is OK:)  (Sort of)  My fault for bonding with craft stuff, I'm a terror for it, Ian calls it hoarding!  I don't know why:)

Sorry, I digress...

As my work desk is still full of lovely stuff (yes proving that there is definitely hope for more Old Bags), I had to make this in the kitchen and PDQ.  I've not been able to craft much recently so I absolutely loved making this.

I need to point out that I haven't used tissue tape around the apertures, it's the repro newspaper in strips.  Since I made this I've included them in the Old Bags but we will also sell this separately as it is fab for die cutting etc.  Unfortunately Tissue Tape wasn't an option for pack splitting, although I  have been thinking of how to do it...  Anyway, the repro stuff is great with distress inks and does the job.  Tip...try mounting it on chipboard before using to make it extra sturdy.

Right, I'll upload the other photos of it now, and stop waffling as I need to get to bed.  The photos aren't great but better than nothing...

Before I go, thank you for all your encouraging comments about the Old Bags, I'm so excited about them and have loads of ideas and if you want them too, I'm sure we can organise mail order for them, even to the USA Deanna:)

Thanks for visiting

Jill x

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Old Bag...Revealed...

I've been thinking and working on this idea for months and months and have been collecting all sorts of things and now feel I'm ready to reveal these LIMITED EDITION vintage Old Bags.  When I say they are limited they are, no 2 bags are the same, each are individual and contain SO MANY different things and they honestly take AGES to pack but, what a nice job for me to do:)

Those of you that love vintage and all things Tim will realise that you can spend a fortune on all the packs of Ideology and you may only want one of 2 items in each pack to try, especially when making a configuration box.   

So, I've packed a selection of Tim's Ideology along with LOADS of other bits and pieces.  I've also packed them in themes so if you wish to make a themed box you can.  

You get basic Ideology pieces and then a main item on the theme or a couple of smaller items on the theme, for instance you may get a watch in the time set or a car or plane in the travel kits.

Themes I have made up so far are variations of Travel, Time, Games, Letters and Numbers, plus a general selection of those 4 themes although every pack will have a good variation of products.

I put all the stuff on my work desk, worked out the prices for each item and counted the products value into the bag.  It took time....

I then turned my calculator off and added LOADS more!  

Plus there is an extra package of papers and card, die cuts and more, I can honestly say that the packs are very good value and full of lovely things. 

The die cuts are some that are made from Moonshadow ink vintage papers I've made, some repro vintage newspaper, wood and cork paper, metals, meshes there's all sorts, but again, not all kits will have those or the same things, but you will get a great variety!!! There is also an 8" x 8" sheet of Tim paper that isn't available anymore in some of them.

In fact there are a number of items that I found stored away upstairs in the shop that are designed by Tim but weren't even in the shop, I'd never have found them if we hadn't moved!  There are also some 7 Gypsies pieces in there too

I made a small configuration box with one of the kits, I have tons of stuff left over for other projects.  (I'll show you it another time).

And, of course you get it all in one of the hessian Old Bags, that have been hand made by Caroline, thank you for making them, you are a star!!!  

The bags are brilliant and you'll be able to store loads of vintage stuff in them!!

Notice the fun photo of Ian and I on the label, how serious we look!!  

Anyway, I'll tell you more another time, I've still got some more packing to do so they are ready for Harrogate show.

Remember though, they are LIMITED EDITIONS, so don't hang about if you want to get one at the show.  We also have the configuration boxes for sale at the show, they are not included in the Old Bag so you can choose which size you'd like to make, you may not want to make a configuration box and just get the kit for general use, it's up to you:)

I'm sure there's more that I need to tell you about them, but I think that's enough excitement for me now:)

Thanks for looking!

Jill x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Old Bag....

Thanks for calling back after my posting tease this morning, I ran out of time to tell you about it.

My post this morning showed a part of something new that is lovingly hand made and full of crafty loveliness!!

Ian thought of the name 'The old Bag', now why was he looking at me when he said it?

That is Ian's humour for you.... He'd have been in BIG trouble if he hadn't laughed afterwards :D

This is the first set in our new LIMITED EDITION range of craft kits.

The 'old bags' will provide unique storage for crafty bits or you can use it for something entirely different if you wish.  The contents are all great value and you are essentially getting the bags for free.

I'm showing this Alcohol ink 'Old Bag' kit first as it is probably the easiest to explain, but just wait until you see the next kits...

Anyway, the thing is no 2 kits are exactly the same, even the alcohol taster sets below are different.  

If you haven't tried alcohol inks yet but fancy trying them then this provides everything you need to get started, including glossy card and other bits to colour.

3 x alcohol Inks
Blending fluid
Gold Mixative
Applicator tool and felts
Extra felts (half pack)

6 gloss cards and envelopes
12 white glossy A6 panels
6 cream glossy A6 panels
6 black gloss A6 panels

Total price of individual items:  £30.18 at our sale prices (£32.65 at RRP)
It's a great way to start with alcohol inks for £25 (£27.50 mail order)

PLUS...Extra Bonus items below

...And it all comes packed in its own individually hand made, 'Old Bag'

We are taking the Old Bags to GNPE at the Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate at the weekend, so for now they won't even be on our website.

I'll tell you about the REALLY exciting LIMITED EDITION Old Bag's in my next post... Until then, think Tim!! 

Oh, I can feel a new blog candy giveaway coming on soon  :D

Jill x

What's all this about?

What do we have here?  

Hessian... a bit of embrace imperfection stamped on calico.... 

What can it be?

I'll tell you in my next post, as I'm now off to the shop for the day!!

Jill x   (Sorry to tease :D !!) 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Crafty Edgers - A few cards on the way

I know there is something very wrong about posting cards that aren't yet finished, but I'm going to show some pics anyway as they show some examples of the Crafty Edgers mentioned in my previous post.  I'm running out of time to finish them today so wanted to take the pics to show you the borders before the light gets worse.

The rosette and lacy border are punched from our vellum kit HERE, (it is on special offer!) the Crafty Edger cartridge is the one that comes with the starter kit.

I used the same punch for the card below, I've also used Tim's tissue tape on the main tag.

 I threaded some reproduction vintage newspaper though that has been lightly coloured with Bundled Sage distress ink.  I have also used some other strips of it around the edges of a configuration box I have just made in place of the usual tissue tape.  

We will have some of the repro vintage newspaper for sale at the GNPE show at Harrogate this weekend and have also included it in some special kits we are putting together for the show (more about that another time!).

I used the Antique Floral Cassette along with Tim's rosette die to create the snowflake effect on the card below, and the Bling Bling cassette for the edging.

The last card is stamped with our Label's 5 compatible Framies 5 key stamp along with Tim Holtz stamps.  The edging cassette is Floral Lace.

Thanks again for visiting!

Jill x

Crafty Edgers

The Crafty Edger is a combined 12" (30.5cm) decorating gauge ruler and border punch craft tool. 

By using the Crafty Edger you can punch out a series of 2" x 1" (5cm x 2.5cm) patterns creating a continuous decorative border. 

The starter set comes with a very useful ribbon cassette, that is pretty on its own or can have ribbon fed through.  I think it also looks like a picket fence!

The punches work best on light weight card.  Additional cassettes can be purchased separately. The punches once loaded into the cassette can be used without being lined up on the punching guide. For best results use 110gsm - 180gsm craft paper, incorrect thickness of paper or card will result in the punch jamming.

There are now 3 corner punches that match the borders, instructions are included.

I like the fact that the cartridges lock into place so there is no chance of them moving which makes them much more accurate.  The cartridges stack on top of each other so they are great for storage too.  Another bonus is the paddle like punch handle that is a lot easier to press than a lot of border punches.  

I demonstrated these at the Ross Papercraft show last month and let people try themselves, I knew they would love how easy they are to use too, even those with dexterity problems were surprised how easy they are to use.

We've now added all the Crafty Edgers to our website HERE and will have a lot with us at the GNPE show at Harrogate at the weekend.

Here are the cartridges that are currently available

I know, the pictures are big aren't they, I thought it would help you see the patterns better.

Thanks for visiting!

Jill x

Sunday, 4 September 2011

New - You Tube Stamp Man Channel - featuring a new kit!

We've put a new kit together - Butterfly Beauties Purse Book and Card Making Kit – (BBPURSEKIT)

It is on our website HERE

The main item to decorate is this Woodware Purse Book, but there are little heart boxes and plenty of cards included along with extra card to make much more

To view a slideshow of the contents this kit please visit our NEW You Tube Channel HERE.  We hope you will bookmark it and subscribe while you are there as we will be adding more there very soon!

Use these beautiful unmounted stamp designs along with a variety of pretty papers and accessories to make a beautiful purse book.  You will have plenty of materials left to decorate the cards and heart boxes and much much more.  

There are so many ways that you can mix and match this kit, use the left over card stock to make further base cards, and use the papers for mounting.  The stamps and the 3 Versamagic ink pads will create unique coordinating background papers.

1 x Butterfly Beauties Rubber Stamp Sheet
1 x Woodware chipboard purse book
2 x Papier mache heart boxes
3 metres of ric rac ribbon
4 x Hero Arts cards/envs
1 x Pink fibre selection, (use these to create the handbag handles)
1 x Lime green organza ribbon roll
1 x Lime green gemstone pack
3 x Dewdrop Versamagic ink pads
4 x Patterned paper 12" x 12"
4 x Bazzil textured card 12" x 12"
6 metres of Organza ribbon in pink and mauve
1 x Magenta netting 12" x 12"
Various Chipboard shapes
3 x Coloured A6 card & envs
4 x Pastel Vellum 12" x 12"
1 x Magenta emb dots 12 x 12 paper
3 x A4 pearlescent card
3 x A4 plain card
1 x Ribbon flower pack
1 x A4 sheet mauve glitter card

I'll be back later with a sneak peek at something new that I'm really excited about. If you like vintage, I'm sure you'll like it!!

We will be launching it at the GNPE Harrogate Show next weekend.

I hope you are having a good weekend!