Sunday, 20 May 2012

Workshop yesterday in Snod Hall

Ian and I had a fab day yesterday at a workshop organised by Cazro who many of you know in blogland. 

The workshop was to decorate a Vintage Photo Frame.  The original frame I used as the basis of the workshop was no longer available (the frame at the top right of the page) so the design was changed but still made in the same style.  I haven't taken a picture of my frame yet but will show it another time.  I have more photos to show from the day but here is a start.

The hall is a fabulous place to hold a workshop, there was plenty of room to work in and natural light.

The 15 ladies learnt the general techniques and then applied them to their frames in their own way, it was lovely to see so many variations, each one different to the next.  This was the first time the ladies had tried this and some felt out of their comfort zone but they all should feel proud of their work.  

Some feature vintage photos, others are made back into mirrors.  This selection is from my camera, I also have some on my phone to show.  

Unfortunately the photos really don't do the frames justice, the true colours and shimmery effects just don't seem to photograph well on my camera but they will give an idea of what we were doing.

Adding an old photo really brings the frames to life

We used Moonshadow Inks on the frames along with the Fran-tage Encrusted Jewel Technique.

We initially used a magic mix I made up that contained embossing powders and lots of bling to create random  textures.

This frame was made for a grand daughter one of the ladies, they make great gifts.

I'll show more another time.

I'd like to thank Carol for organising the day and for all the ladies who came and made it a very special day.

We've been asked back to hold another workshop later in the year and we will definitely look forward to it!

Jill x


  1. Hi Jill, Thanks for a fabulous day. Really enjoyed learning the techniques used on the frame, going to try another!
    Great pics, and look forward to the next workshop.
    Avril xx

  2. A huge thank you Jill it was a fantastic workshop and I enjoyed every minute of it.
    We had fun and learned loads, as well as getting well and truely inky.
    Just added the inset to mine and popped it on my blog.
    Yvonne x

  3. It was a fantastic day, Jill - I know, I was there! Lol. Thoroughly enjoyed playing and getting messy with all your fantastic products. I shall look forward to the next one. Hugz, Jan xx

  4. Thanks Jill and Ian, It was a wonderful day. Sorry about the bug you've had, I think I may be responsible, but I couldn't have missed the day. The feed back from everyone has all been so positive and we are looking forward to a return visit. If anyone is fancying a workshop, go for it, we all learned so much and had lots of fun. Cazro/Carole


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