Friday, 30 October 2009

Another bright and sunny card from last Wednesday's show, nearly matching the warmth of the Indian summer we had here yesterday, it certainly isn't usually this warm in North Yorkshire at the end of October but is most welcome!

I decided to change the blog background colour, having a play about while eating my toast when I really should be getting on with more important stuff. Even changing that won't make the photo here look any better, honest the card does look a bit better in real life! Thank goodness Christmas is coming soon, and I may be able to justify asking for a new camera:)


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Doncaster show and forthcoming Norwich Workshop

One of the highlights of my day at the Stamp Magic show Doncaster on Sunday was the ladies from Lincolnshire who came up to Skipton for a workshop at the beginning of the month visiting our stand and presenting me with a beautiful card (made by Rose) that was themed on our day together!

It was double-sided and included photos of our day, along with techniques they had played with, all on this lovely card. I was also given some photos of the day and a HUGE box of Ferrero Collection chocolates, how spoilt was I?

To top all that they all produced out of their bags, the books they made at the workshop all completed and looking wonderful! They were all slightly different and it was great to see they had put their own touches to them. We had a lovely day and we hope to repeat it in the new year.

This is the back of the card they gave us, it even has a rare photo of Ian, who they caught unawares packing stamp sheets. The photos here don't capture how lovely this card is, the base card is actually a very rich jade colour with mounts of green and gold. Inspirational wording tiles are on each panel.

At the time, they all wanted to stay until midnight playing but they had to go home, next time we are going to try for a weekend. You were great company ladies and you certainly made my day on Sunday at the show! Thank you!!!

Which leads me onto talking about an upcoming workshop, here are the details...

Weekend Workshop with Jill Boulton and Jill Tuck

When: Saturday & Sunday 5th & 6th December

Where: St. George's Hall, Stoke Holy Cross near Norwich

Time: 10.00 - 16.00

Topics covered

Saturday - We'll be holding a Starburst Stains workshop where you will learn all the spraying and painting techniques, including the scrunch and using cling film and other bits and bobs to create a lovely book.

Sunday am - We'll do metal work with Walnut Hollow Tools - you will be taught basic techniques with the tools in the kit to create several cards.

Sunday pm - We'll do Tim Holtz stuff - alcohol inks, distress inks, grunge paper.

Cost - £100 for all weekend (the more people attend the less the cost will be). This includes a metalwork beginner's kit worth £35 which is yours to keep, and refreshments on both days but you will need a packed lunch, as we would need a hygiene certificate to provide food.

So what do you think? Do you like messy? Are you interested, or do you have experienced crafting friends in the area who would be interested, if so please email me ASAP if you wish to attend at and I will pass your email onto the organisers.

They anticipate taking a 50% deposit at the time of booking & the remainder to be paid by end of November.

I hope you will be able to join us, it should be a great weekend of messiness:)


PS: You may be wondering why Kay has not blogged recently, she is having computer problems at the moment but I'm sure she'll be back blogging soon!

Play Date Cafe Creativity Challenge # 2

Apologies for not blogging for a couple of days, but things just caught up on me and I needed a bit of a rest. I worked out that in 15 days I had done... 2 stamp shows (Port Sunlight, Wirral and Stamp Magic, Doncaster), a Demo/Open day at the shop, 2 live TV shows, plus all sorts of other stuff, so no wonder I gave in on Tuesday and had a rest!

I have a couple of things I want to blog about that need photo's sorting out still, one about a workshop earlier this month (the ladies from Lincoln) and also to tell you about an upcoming workshop to be held in Norfolk! Will get back to tell you about these asap!!

But for now I want to ask if you have ever been over for a visit to a friend of mine is the US, Julie's blog is Julie's Open Window, and if you have seen the beautiful work the design team are producing for the challenges in the Play Date Cafe? If not, go and visit now, Julie is based in the US, but oh the joy's of internet travel, you'll be there in a click!

This is the 2nd week it has been running, Julie picked the first colour themes, now for week 2 it is Sarah's turn (at The Art of Moodling) and she has picked the colours above for this week's challenge. Julie's card this week is made with Tracey's new Classical Instrument stamp sheet and the card is stunning! Go have a quick look here at Julie's Open Window.

I am sure you will be made most welcome if you wish to join in!


Monday, 26 October 2009

Two cards from Kay's Funky Frames sheet

Two more cards from last Wednesdays show. Both have been coloured with Sakura Stardust pens and a waterbrush. The background of the first card has been stamped with the Fancy Flourishes stamp sheet and white Brilliance ink. The second card has a black Cuttlebug'd panel mounted on top of pink vellum that also featured in the show.

It's been another busy day, we've been unpacking from the show yesterday and catching up on mail order plus other things that we needed to get done today. There's another week of busy-ness ahead too, but at least the shop is gradually getting back to normal and restocked for customers that are visiting.

I will post about yesterday's show at Doncaster and other chatter tomorrow when I'm not so weary!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

A couple more cards from Wednesday's show with Kay

A couple more cards here made with Kay's fabby stamp collection from Wednesday's show. If you live in the Doncaster area, you can see them all in real life along with others at the Stamp Magic show at the Dome today! I checked with Paula (the organiser) today, you can just turn up on the day and pay at the door. It's a huge light and airy hall with plenty of room for everyone, so a nice show/shopping experience for everyone.

Kay has made such beautiful cards with her stamps, (they are so much better than my simple creations), I hope you can visit and see them all in real life.

I used the Fancy Flourishes sheet and chalk inks to create the background on pastel blue vellum. The main image has been coloured with Sakura Stardust pens

For this card, the side panel has been Cuttlebug'd with the swirl folder, the main image is again coloured with Stardust pens.


PS: I may be back posting later today... Depends on available energy level!!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

A couple more cards from Wednesday's show

A quick post today with a couple more cards, as we'll be setting off for Doncaster soon.

I've used the yellow pastel vellum and Easy Sew Stitches on this card. The main image is from Kay's Funky Flowers sheets and the wording from the Fancy Flourishes sheet.

I used the Cuttlebug Swiss dot folder with some doubled-sided yellow/black black magic card that I sanded to match the flower heads.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Kay Carley's Fancy Flowers Stamp Sheet - new cards from the telly show and other ramblings....

This is the first card I demonstrated on Wednesday's show.

I stamped onto the translucent shrink plastic with a black archival ink pad, it does take about 30 minutes to dry before you can colour in. I didn't sand the shrink plastic as with this ink pad and Stazon ink, it can bleed into the sanded lines. I do sand it when using Brilliance ink pads and will explain more as I show the other cards with the shrink plastic.

I used Sakura Stardust pens to add colour, I traced around the outlines of the petals and put a little colour around the centres. I used a nearly dry waterbrush to pull the colour into the centres of the petals slightly so that it was a very pale pink. You need to have a very pale shade as the colour will intensify when it is shrunk and look far too heavy. If you have too much water on your waterbrush/paintbrush it will bead, it only needs to be slightly damp.

The Stardust pens have a shimmer to them that also intensifies when shrunk. They really are the very best pens to use on shrink plastic, the finish is superb.

I used the swirl Cuttlebug folder to create the background and although you cannot see very well, I used gold mirri card as mounts along with a torn strip of pink vellum.

OK, a little more about Wednesday... When I had my meeting about the show, the buyers did say that they would try to have Nigel presenting on the show for us but couldn't promise it, but this slot was free for him if he could do it. Nigel was there in the studio on Wednesday but was busy filming other things with Stephanie. He has had a hernia operation today so they must have had a lot to do before he has time off. Ian (Mr Stamp Man) has had this op, so I know that Nigel will have to have time to get over it.

Nigel is a really lovely chap, and I think he is so great at his job, he always seems to ask the right questions about the products before our shows so he can learn as much as possible about them, and it shows in his presentation of them. I think he will be missed while he is off screen. I must find some time this weekend to make him a card.

Dave did a good job for us on the show though, to say he was brought in at the last minute. He is another presenter who looks so different in real life than on screen, he's so tall, handsome and tanned! I met him before years ago, so felt comfortable working with him, although it was our first show with him. It made me laugh when the producer told us that someone had emailed in earlier and told him to tuck his shirt into his trousers... and he took note... and it was:)

My blog posting has been delayed as I was at the shop yesterday, and today I have been at home catching up on more paperwork (the growing tumbling heaps of it) plus a huge pile of washing and ironing before setting off again tomorrow for the Stamp Magic Show at The Dome Doncaster. I really like this show as there is plenty of room for people to move and I gather from customers that there is a good mix of retailers there. It also has a lovely atmosphere. Nice food too, so I hear, I am happy with my bacon sarnie at 8am that usually lasts me through the day, we may be lucky and have a sandwich later in the day to see us through, but they also do proper sit down meals... oh for the chance of one of those at a show!

We are finishing the packing and loading of the van at the shop before setting off to set up our stall in the evening. The show is on Sunday, you can just turn up on the day and pay at the door if you fancy coming along.

We will have the stamp sheets and other products we have featured in the 2 live shows, and will have special multi-buy prices for the stamp sheets we had on the shows. Plus, we have some other nice bargains for you!!

We will also have plenty of Moonglow products with us as usual if you missed out on the sampler kit on the telly when they sold out, no doubt we will be demonstrating them as well, so expect some messy techniques! If you want me to put together a sampler set for you then just ask! We'll have all the colour charts there too so that you can cherry pick your own colours/set if you wish.

Tracey Coates, designer of the 3 sheets in last Tuesday's show will be with Ian, Caroline and I, so do come and say hello!!

The cards from Kay's show on Wednesday will be on show along with the cards from Tracey's show, so you can see them in real life and ask any questions you have about them. I will also have the background papers/vellums that Kay showed with her Fancy Flourishes sheet. I took some photos of them today but they look much better in real life as do all the cards so I hope people that can come to the show will pop by and see them all. Please pop over to Kay and Debbie's blogs to see the cards they made for the show, (the links are over to the right), hopefully they will be showing them soon.

Isn't it flipping typical, that Lisa promises a visit to the shop and she came today when I wasn't there!! The shop is in a bit of a muddle at the moment too as Debbie and Helen have been packing for the show this weekend, there's also packing for the telly going on and we've not had a chance to get straight from last weekend's demo day either. I hope that now you've found us Lisa you'll come back when we are a little more organised and when I am there:) I hope you found what you came for and it wasn't already packed!

Thank you everyone for visiting and for the great comments you have left here recently, they are much appreciated!

I will schedule a couple of posts for the weekend with some more cards before I set off again, so do call back!!!

Time for bed now me thinks! Thanks for reading all that, if you made it this far


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hi honey's...... I'm Home!

Sorry about the cheesy post title.... just a bit tired and relieved to be home, and it is what I greeted Ian and Hamish (our Springer Spaniel) with when I got in as I had my hugs and cuddles from them, I was so glad to see them tonight! Boy, am I shattered!!

Repeat times for tomorrow are 7am and midnight, so I hope you can watch it on Create & Craft if you missed the live show.

It's been a busy busy time recently and I've driven hundreds of miles, which I'm not used to. I admire anyone who drives for a living, not fun on the road these days is it!! At least this week there was only one accident on my route. Last week there were 3 really nasty ones and I got home to an unexpected power cut. So feeling extra grateful for the lecky working tonight:)

I had an absolutely lovely time with Mum and Pete yesterday evening for a very brief visit, a special Mum's dinner as only mum's do....our favourite food..... and well, just all the other stuff we all love our mum's for. I live so far away I cherish my time back home with them. Thank you both, I woke them early when my alarm went off at 6.20am, breakfast and a packed lunch was ready for me when a came down after a nice long soak in their bath. A really special treat!!

If you are around my age you will understand this... I had to have a fairly cold bath, but, even so, all their doors and windows were open, I turned their heating off and I was still hot!!! Hope you've got it all back to normal now Mum:)

So, early start for my drive UP to Peterborough this time rather than down from Yorkshire.

If you watched the show you'll know that we had a presenter change, no Nigel, but Dave instead. I had told everyone that I'd made a special piece of shrink plastic so that Nigel could have a play, well, poor Dave, he wasn't expecting the challenge but didn't he do a good job!

There were some glitches on today's show, oh the joy of computers, I think we can all say we have a love/hate relationship with them at times, and today was one of the hate ones. But, it's nothing that cannot be sorted out, and at least you didn't have % sold updates during the show and we got to talk more.

I've loved my day at Create & Craft today... I will talk more about it tomorrow and the next few days.

Tonight, I want to say thank you for all your lovely emails I've read tonight and for your orders.

Your support is truly appreciated.

Jill x

Reminder: C & C live show today at 12pm (noon)

Yes, yet another reminder about the Create & Craft show today, (Sky 671 and Freeview 36). I do hope you can watch it, we have lovely products on the show as well as Kay's yummy stamps!

Here's a look at the stamp sheets we are using, you'll find them on our website here. Most of the other products used are in their own sections on the website.


It's been a busy week so I haven't had a chance to find out which cards Karen and Rachel made, but here's the last one, made with Tracey's Classical Instrument stamps and Moonglow pigment powders.Now, three more cards from meI hope this scheduled post works OK! I will be back tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More cards from last Tuesday's show

Here's a couple more cards from Karen and Rachel Jackson, the first is from Tracey Coates's Butterfly Beauties stamp sheet, I love her rainbow hair!!

Note the writing around the panel, a lovely card!

The second card is from the Starburst Fairies stamp sheet. The background has been sprayed with Glitz Spritz.

Thanks again both of you!

I'm setting off later to stay at my mum's for the night in Hertfordshire before travelling tomorrow up to Peterborough for the next show. Hello mum if you're popping by, see you later!

It'll only be for a few hours as I will have to set off early in the morning but they will be a few precious hours.

My demo stuff is all packed, I hope I haven't forgotten anything! That's always a worry!! I hope you can join Kay and I at noon tomorrow.

I'll schedule a post for tomorrow with some more cards.


Monday, 19 October 2009

More Fairy cards from the show!

I'm not normally a fairy loving type of person, it just doesn't fit into my radar of stamping choices, but when Tracey first sent me her designs about 18 months or so ago, I have to confess I changed my mind about fairies, these were the best I'd ever seen. There wasn't just fairies, there was THAT fantasy frame!! A great setting to show them off perfectly...

This card is stunning in real life, it was made by either Karen or Rachel Jackson, Karen is the lovely mum of Rachel Jackson whose work is published in Craft Stamper magazine. Karen was demonstrating with Tracey's new stamps at the HSNW show at Port Sunlight last weekend (amongst other things she demonstrated on the day).

Last weekend seems such a LONG time ago!!!

Anyway, Karen and Rachel made a number of cards, their ideas were great!

The background is brayered onto glossy card, the frame and fairies have been stamped on top with black ink and sparkle has been added to the fairies. I like the way that part of the frame has been used in the corners!

I also loved this next card, it shows that the frame doesn't have to be used with the fairies, you can add anything! But, as shown here, a greeting is just perfect!! It really is a versatile image.

Here is another card with the frame used in the corners, a cluster of stars have been added too. The background is starburst stains and glitter added for extra sparkle. Lovely!

Thank you very much to Karen and Rachel for these cards, I'll show the others they made another time.


I've now set my sky box on 671 for 12pm (noon) for Wednesday, if you have freeview it'll be on freeview channel 36 or 22? (not totally sure which it is for Create & Craft since you had your re-scans!).

I hope you can join Kay and I for our next show. Having played with Kay's stamps again, I remember how lovely they are to work with!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Starburst Fairies meet Starburst Stains!

Here are some more demo cards from last Tuesday's show...

Unfortunately these photos aren't brilliant and don't show the colours very well, so let me explain and I hope you can use your imagination! The frame is embossed in copper detail and the fairies, wording and starburst border are embossed in gold on top of a Starburst Stain 'wash' background made using a stain from the Icicle Creek set. They are mounted onto gold mirri card (which looks black in the photo!).

The base card has been 'tapped' with the same stain to give a matching sprayed look but I actually used a paintbrush tapped against an acrylic block (as demonstrated in Tuesday's live show). Remove the excess stain off the brush before tapping for a light misted shimmery flittered effect. If you do have larger blobs, good, they look great too, as they have so much shimmer to them! I don't mind mess (as you've probably gathered by now!) but sometimes in the past my splattering has hit anything but the intended target!

You can adapt this technique with ink pad ink too. Stamp the ink pad onto the non-stick heat/baking sheet to transfer the ink then dilute with a little water and then use this the same way to flick the speckled background. I will try to incorporate this into a demo on Wednesday for those that missed it on Tuesday and don't know what the heck I'm on about!!

Below is the same Starburst Stain wash background with a different image. I love this large fairy almost as much as that gorgeous fantasy frame! I also added the small starburst stamp to add some extra magic. As before, you will have to use your imagination as the black mounts are actually gold mirri card.

All the stains in the Icicle Creek set look great with the fairies, I only used one colour for the cards in the show as there was only one stain in the Moonglow Accessory kit featured and we have to stick to using the products in the show, but using more than one colour in this set is just TOO yummy, I will have to finish a card I started with them all and get a photo for you to see.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Just a quick post to end what has been a very nice day.

Jill Boulton was demonstrating metal embossing, her work is beautiful, she is very talented! I think everyone who watched her demonstrations found it fascinating.

Jill is holding a workshop for us on Saturday 31st October, there are a couple of places left if you are interested in joining her. It isn't on the website for booking, but I will add it when I've finished this post or, you can 'phone the shop to book. It is £20 for the day and believe me you will learn a lot of techniques during the day. Jill has 2 other workshops with us before Christmas, I will add details for these later this week.

Below are a few photos I took today...

Oh the concentration!

Kim in the centre is attempting avoidance of me taking her photo, but I gotcha my dear!! On the left is our very own blogging friend Christine, aka Ladylace (naughty lady) who stayed for most of the day and was true to her nickname, a very naughty lady!!! But hey, as she said, with a birthday and a ruby anniversary this week, she deserved to treat herself. We had a very quick play embossing some scrunch technique papers. It was lovely to see you Christine, it was such a shame that you actually missed meeting Debbie by minutes, you must have passed each other on your way out and Debbie's way in! I hope you enjoyed your holiday in Yorkshire!
Don't be fooled by the angelic smiles on the faces of this lot! You should of heard their cheeky chatter! What a hoot the local craft group and their visiting friends are!! Naughty in a number of ways you lot are:O Thank you for your support ladies, you were great company!!
Thank you so much to everyone who visited us and made it a lovely day.
Jill and (Mr Stamp Man) Ian

More from the show - Butterfly Beauties sheet

A couple more cards from the show on Tuesday coloured with pigment inks and clear embossing powder. I do love these stamps!!

I may be back later...
Jill x

Friday, 16 October 2009

Demo/Open Day Tomorrow - 20% Off Discount Day!!

We really hope you will be able to join us!!

Jill Boulton and I will be demonstrating various things tomorrow, metal embossing, the melt pot, the cuttlebug, alcohol inks (etc, etc) along with Kay and Tracey's new stamps.

All the cards featured in the live show on Tuesday will be there to see as well as some featuring in next Wednesday's live show on Create & Craft TV.

We have bagged up lots of great bargains for the shop tomorrow for our demo/open day and we will have 20% DISCOUNT on everything in the shop!

So if you are around Skipton tomorrow we will be open from 10am - 5pm. If you haven't visited us since we moved, I've added a couple of maps to help you find us.

See you tomorrow!!


Flower power meets the Bling Maiden!

I named her the Bling Maiden, I think it is an apt name as you can add so many accessories to her.

I used the rainbow pigment pad with clear embossing powder for the main image and multi stamped the side panel with the border stamp that can also be used as a dress neckline. The single flower is stamped over the top and the whole piece was also embossed with clear powder.

I watercoloured her hair using the inks from the pad so they co-ordinate with the outline.

I used brads with some flower embellishments for the finishing touches.

This was a possible demo card that I didn't have time to show, it's an unembellished version of the previous card. The blue and lime green inks from the pad were used for a different look.

Unfortunately we have been told that our show will not be repeated at the weekend as some of the products have sold out and there aren't enough of others left to allow them to let the show go out. So, sorry if you missed it and were hoping to catch it over the weekend.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cards from the show and some waffle!

One of the aims for the show was to go back to basics a bit for beginners as we had an embossing starter kit on the show and the Moonglow Sampler kit. If the effects are on the card, simple matting and layering can be enough and keeping it simple is a good thing if you are a beginner. It doesn't mean you cannot have a play with techniques though and for this card I used one of the Moonglow Glitz Spritz sprays, which is a more subtle shimmer than the stains or Moonshadow ink as it is mica and water, no stain or walnut ink. So a shake and a spray is enough.

I love the copper detail embossing powder as it is a very soft copper shade, it has a pinky tint to it. I used the Moonshadow ink to detail paint, I used a tissue to lift the ink away for shading and painted over areas I wanted to be darker.

The next 2 photos are of the smaller images on the Butterfly Beauties set, I made Tracey's images smaller so they can be used as matching hand made stamps for the backs of cards and for inserts. Also, they are ideal of ATCs and gift tags. Now I visited a blog last night and Vix has used the smaller image for the front of a gatefold card and the larger image inside the card, a brilliant idea that you could use for both of these images.
This was my first demo, I could almost hear everyone saying, oh no, she's doing that scrunch technique AGAIN! Well, forgive me but as it was my first time live and on freeview for a long time I wanted to share it with new viewers. Ok, it is also that I just love doing it too:)

I haven't actually stuck it the down yet, and I did have some wording prepared to add to it but I must tell you that when Stephanie mentioned 2 clear powders in the starter kit I wrote white and clear on the back of it and pushed it in front of her to correct herself, poor woman had me doing that and likely someone in her ear telling her too!! So I don't know what happened to that little piece of card!

I'm not sure if this little gift tag was shown, but here it is now. I have been asked for a gift for you stamp quite a few times and thought it appropriate for the matching images.

Tracey and I met at the hotel on Tuesday evening and had a look through all the cards before going for dinner where we had a good old chatter. Tracey went to her room to craft afterwards and I pottered about a bit and filed my nails away (almost), it was nice to be quiet and calm for a while as it had been a long day.

I don't usually sleep very well the night before a show but I must have dropped off straight away. I woke at 1am as an email arrived on my mobile, (it was my daily viagra spam grrr), deleted it but couldn't turn the phone off as I needed the alarm for the morning, anyway I went back to sleep, and then my daily spam report came through at about 4am which woke me again, (double grrr). My back was still stiff from the show at the weekend, (it gets worse when I stop moving) so I got up, made myself a cup of tea and walked up and down the room! Luckily I went back to sleep and no more emails came through.

We went for breakfast and chatted.... and chatted, neither of us had our watches on but luckily I looked at my phone and saw we had to run to get to the studio on time. It was straight into the green room and time to put on some make up and get the hair straighteners out. Tracey was all ready I have to say!

We were taken into the studio to set up and had to be quiet (which is very hard for me!) as Hazel was filming her live show across the room, we had a quick chat with Nigel, (he is the presenter for our show next Wednesday) then went through everything in our show with Stephanie. She was very good and explained everything to us, she had just finished her own show which was just her on her own talking for an hour, she didn't get much of a break from chatting before starting our show. Amazing to find someone that can talk more than me! I don't know how she does it, especially with people talking in her ear too!!!

Well, enough waffle for today, more tomorrow...


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tracey's Demo cards from TV show

Tracey's demo card, with the inside panel

Well, I have power! I can blog!! What timing for a power cut, I got back from the filming and had 'phoned Create & Craft to find out repeat times to put on the website when the lights started flickering, it was obvious it was on it's way out but could I type fast enough and update the website before it all went off, of course not! Thank you Debbie for updating the blog for me.

It finally came back on in the middle of the night. It was strange how both neighbours were off then one side had power. We have a huge great hole at the bottom of the drive from all the drilling and digging they did last night, last time there was a major problem it was on and off for days and I could do without that at the moment.

So, I didn't get to see the show until this morning. Thank you for all the blog comments, emails etc and of course your orders. Debbie has been a very busy bee today!!

Tracey and I had a wonderful day yesterday, I think she did so well for her first show. I'm glad she enjoyed it and wants to do more!! I'll have to get on with the next 3 sheets of designs, well, perhaps I will get these shows done first! We did talk about ideas for future stamp sheets so more will be on the way.

Tracey had prepared 4 demo cards, but only got a chance to do one so we'll start with Tracey's cards tonight and I'll post the others as we go along.

The card from the fairy sheet has been stamped with the pigment inks.

Tracey has used a paint brush to pull out some of the ink from the outline to give it a softer finish.
I love this shaped butterfly, it has been embossed with the copper detail embossing powder. Moonshadow mist has been sprayed for the background.

The 4th card shows gold embossing on gold card. Tracey was also going to show mixing the pigment ink colours on the craft sheet to obtain brown, which isn't in the pigment ink pad that was featured on the show.

I'll show more cards tomorrow and I'll tell you more about our day.

Just a reminder that we are having demos at the shop on Saturday and we will be open longer, 10am - 5pm (it is usually 11am - 4pm on Saturdays). Jill Boulton will be demonstrating metal embossing with Walnut Hollow products and I will be playing with Tracey and Kay's stamps. I hope you can join us if you are local.

Then, Kay and I are filming the show with Kay's stamps next Wednesday, it'll be at 12 (noon) again.