Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New - Woodware Summer 2012 Supplement!!

I have finished loading all the new stamps onto our website, we don't have the actual printed supplement yet but the stamps are all available now.

There are some great designs from Jane Gill and Francoise Read, for general and Christmas use.

I was lucky enough to make some of the sample cards for the printed supplement so I know they are great to use too.

Here's a little peek but they are all on our website HERE

I love the Zentangle Butterfly above, and have quite a few favourite designs, in fact too many to realistically show as sneak peeks here, so I'm going to go with a random selection to show the variety of designs available...

This last image is very big, it almost fills a DL card!
I'm sure I'll have some cards to show you with these designs soon!

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Jill x

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  1. OOOO these are all so beautiful... would love to work with some of them!!


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