Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The bees are back!

You may remember me mentioning about Ian making our garden into a wildlife haven last June.  Well, we are really pleased to see that the cotoneaster plant has flourished and bees are back!

The plant hangs over our pond, I'm not sure what is in the pond now, but we hope we are helping whatever lurks within! 

The grass is growing well and Hamish is now getting lost in it or at least we can't see him wandering about in there anymore (yes, it is that high already!), he's now made his own paths through it.  It's all set up ready for butterflies to visit.

Ian's favourite bit of the garden is a secluded area with a bird bath and table, it's just outside of our front room so a perfect place to view the comings and goings of all the birds that visit. 

We've had a much better day weatherwise here today, at last!  It makes it so much nicer to enjoy the garden.  Hopefully we'll have more to come!



  1. Lovely idea to have a wildlife haven, I have developed a strategy to revive flagging bees, sugar water, it's magic. There is one drawback though it can't revive bees that have fallen into grand daughters paddling pool!!!!

  2. Sounds great and very back to nature Jill !

  3. Sounds wonderful. We're celebrating swallows moving into our birdhouse, which is a first for us, so I can appreciate your yen for wildlife.

  4. Hi Jill

    Yes I do remember you writing about this last year and it's so nice to know how it's doing a year on.

    We try to encoutage the 'birds and bees' and wild like in general, there is nothing better that sitting quitly on a warm summer evening wathching all their antics - we just need the warm summer evening now.

    B x

  5. Great to see another person making their garden a great place for Bees. I have 2 cotoneasters - and they are buzzing again at last. The bees seemed late back to them this year and I was worried after the harsh winter we had in Scotland!

  6. It's been perfect weather for enjoying the garden hasn't it. We have bees aplenty and they seem to be huge!!!
    I love watching the birds too, although they have to be brave to get round our two cats, although they only watch them too!!!! The garden has been alive with coal tits darting about. They are lovely to see. We also get the Kites circling very low, a special sight indeed.
    Enjoy the wildlife and the sunshine.
    Hugs Lisax


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