Thursday, 17 June 2010

Photos from Saturday's Moonglow Techniques Workshop

Here are some of the ladies busily working away at the Moonglow Techniques workshop on Saturday.  It was a day jam packed with splishing and sploshing, scrunching, embossing and generally having a good time crafting.  It was non stop all day, in fact we ate our lunch and got straight back to it without much of a break.  I didn't take loads of photos through the day, I plain forgot, so I had a frantic few minutes at the end snapping a few of their makes.

Their makes included various techniques using Starburst Stains, Moonshadow Inks, Moonglow Embossing Powders, Fusible Webbing, and Fabulous Filigrees.

I did manage to grab a few ladies to show me some of their work in the photos before they finished packing away before going shopping.
Here's Jean displaying her background made with Moonshadow Inks and salt.

And here's Jean's amazing Moonglow embossed grape filigree, I really loved how she did this and the 2-tone effect that you can just about see in the photo.  I know Jean used Royal Burgundy Blue Moonglow Embossing Powder for the grapes, I'm not sure which were used for the leaves.  Gorgeous!

Here's Shirley who has gathered some of her background papers together to put away and Barbara who is still toiling away on her lighthouse filigree.

Barbara finished her filigree and proudly presents it.

She did a great job, I had everyone adding the smallest amounts of Moonglow EP onto the filigrees, in order to add 2 tone colour, after a few layers of clear UTEE.  It was great when the colours landed in the right places which is a very fiddly thing to do and everyone made the effort to give it a go and they all did brilliantly!

Here's Barbara's lighthouse close up, my terrible photo doesn't do it justice, but I think you can see she has gold at the top, stripey colours going down and that pewter looks fab for the rocks at the bottom.

Now for some of the other ladies work.  Look at this stunning sunflower, the colours are gorgeous in real life.  The colours are all from the embossing powders.

It was added to the pile of papers made.

And more...

Didn't they do well!

As I said before, unfortunately as some of the ladies had packed away and were shopping by the time I took the photos, I didn't get take photos of everyone or everything and the photos of the filigrees aren't brilliant but I'm sure you'll get a little idea of what they were up to and how great they all did decorating them.

Now Stef, (middle RHS) is off to France (to see our friend Batty) and will hold a workshop at her place with Batty's friends to share the fun.  I am sure the ladies there will love having a messy play and also what she has made to show them.

All in all, it was another great day!!



  1. Great stuff ! I have loads of the EP's and they are always amazing on any project ! Glad the day went well for you all !

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all and some fabulous creations to boot.

  3. Excellent job ladies, they look gorgeous all of them x

  4. flippin ek, splishing, splashing and scrunching is my kind of day - I'd have loved this workshop, but was working (enjoyably I have to say but still...) :)

  5. These look fantastic Jill.. looks like everyone was having a bit of fun there!


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