Sunday, 19 September 2010

Butterfly Beauties

Typical!!!  I was hoping that when I took some photos of this card that you would be able to see the effects, but alas no, they didn't show in the pictures and unless you saw the show you wouldn't know that I used the Periwinkle Yink pigment ink with 2 of the two-tone Moonglow embossing powders over the top.  I used the Golden Pumpkin Blush and the Weeping Willow Green Gold, the later matches the shade of the brads I used in her hair. 

Weeping Willow Green Gold is the same embossing powder I used on the heart I posted about before, it looks nothing special in the jar but here over the clover pigment ink you can really see the effects, you just have to imagine them over the Periwinkle ink! 

It was a quick card to make, after embossing I used the same ink to paint her hair.

Here's another example below showing all 3 Yinks colours on the show to ink the stamp that was then embossed the same way, then coloured with the same inks.

If you haven't got this stamp sheet yet and would like it, you'll find it HERE, and the individual jars of Moonglow Embossing Powders can be found HERE.

Do pop over to Vix's blog now to see her magnificent domino key ring that was shown during the show, it's awesome!!

I hope you are having a great Sunday!!



  1. I absolutely love love love this stamp set and have been after it for ages. Might treat myself on payday.

    Totally stunning !

    Love Karen x

  2. Hi Jill

    I saw your stamping show on the repeat and just loved it. Such inspiration. Even my OH stopped to watch and admired the card you've posted first with the flowey boarder, now that's praise indeed!!!!
    Thanks for the triple embossing with the moonglow EP. I bought some of this from you years ago and it's sat in a box ever since as I wasn't sure what to do with it. I'm full of ideas now.
    Lovely to see you on C&C again, more please!!!
    Hugs Lisax

  3. Recorded the show and the effects are really not done justice in your pics. Suffice it to say they were fab and look really brilliant !!


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