Saturday, 26 March 2011

Never Ending Card Workshop - 16th April 2011

Join Gill Wilson for the day making a never ending card here at our shop in Skipton.  If you've never seen a never ending card before well, how to describe... it's a card that you can keep opening and opening and opening and you never get to the end.  It is folded in such a way that it just continues to have openings to open.  Definitely a magic card!  Here's another view of the card.

The card you make won't be identical to this one or the same colours so you also get a chance to be creative with colour too but the basic design is the same.  They'll be embossing, stamping, adding colour and creating the card from scratch so that you fully understand the workings in order to make more at home.

Gill is returning to our workshop team after being away from teaching here for a number of years, we know that she is very talented and we are pleased to welcome her back and hope you will support her workshops with us and that this will be the first of many!!  

If you would like to attend, you can book on our website HERE, or telephone the shop on 01756 797048.

The workshop starts at 10.30am and we try to finish at 3.30pm to allow you shopping time.  If you can try to be at the shop for 10am this allows for tea/coffee time, a loo break and a quick look around the shop.  This will also allow Gill to start the workshop on time.  Further information about our workshops can be found HERE.

I'm hoping to have some more workshop dates to tell you about in the next few days.


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