Thursday, 17 March 2011

Our new stamps are here!!!!

The actual stamps are shown below but here are a couple of cards I've made with them so far.  The Framie 5 Blank Canvas frame on the card above is embossed with Moonglow EP.  I've used a Tim elephant stamp, 7 gypsy paper, a Cuttlebug folder and distress inks.

More or less the same ingredients again but I've used the Framie 5 Ornate frame on the card below with a Tim wording stamp.  I'll post them again with more details when I've more time (I need to get more stamping done tonight!)  I will add proper links etc next time, but just wanted to give you a little peek for now:)

Now to show you the actual stamps!!!  

I've already added them to our website HERE

The first 2 images are of the 2  new red rubber unmounted stamp sheets.

You can use the images as they are as toppers or use them with your Nesties, the standard circles and the large scalloped circle Nesties work with both stamp sheets.  The scallop and circle stamps can be used together and also the different sizes can be layered on cards, so both are great for mixing and matching.

Aspects of Design 64
Circle Flower Framies - £15.99

Sheet size:  Approx 4.5" x 11" (10.5cms x 28cms)

Aspects of Design 65
Scalloped Circle Framies - £15.99

Sheet size:  Approx 10" x 7" (25.5cms x 18cms)
For a visual size reference, the largest scalloped circle can be used with the largest Nestie scalloped circle die.

 Framie 5 Stamps
The Framie 5 stamps are individual stamps that are all available in small and large sizes.  Again, these can be used  as they are or with Labels 5 Nesties.  

Large approx size: 3 1/2" x 3 1/4"  (9cms x 8cms) - £3.99 each

Small approx size: 3" x  2 1/2" (7.5cms x 6.5cms) - £3.50 each

They fit the largest Nestie and 3rd from largest if that helps! 

Handmade with love by (for the back of cards) approx size 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" (4cms x 3cms) - £1.99 

Hope you like them too!!!  

Right, I'm off to quickly get some ink on the circle stamps now...

Thanks for looking:)



  1. These new stamps are stunning, Jill. I especially like the Nestie ones. Your samples are just beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Harrogate on Saturday.
    Hugs Lisax

  2. Thanks Lisa, they are all sized to fit Nesties, even the circles, I've been playing with the circles for an hour now, I really like them too:)

    See you on Saturday!

    Jill x

  3. Terrific stamps and love your samples......oooh you are having fun with these....... Annette

  4. Looooooving them! Fab samples too! Have fun at Harrogate- wish I was coming too.

  5. Wow... I looooove the new stamps.. so cleverly designed...they will be so much fun to play with!!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, all of them! The butterflies are definitely my favourites, though. Just putting my order in! Jill, could you just confirm the size of the small Framies? I've just bought the Labels 5 Nesties (in preparation for getting the stamps!) and I think 3" x 2.5" would fit the next to largest Nestie, rather than 3rd from largest. Not that it matters, I'll probably end up buying them all anyway! Lynne x

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments about the stamps. I have to admit I'm loving them myself and will be adding more cards I've made with them very soon!

    Lynne, I don't have a ruler handy at the moment for exact measurements but the large is the largest label 5 frame and if you miss out the next frame size down, the small is the next one down.

    I picked that one as when I was playing around with the images I stamped a small image and mounted it over the top of the large image and you can still see stamped frame of the large image. That probably doesn't make sense but I'll be showing a photo of it with some more cards, I've only stamped it in brown ink so far but it means you can mix and match the large and small frames.

    The small stamp is also really cute on it's own:)

    I'll try to post more pictures and ideas with them tomorrow.

    Jill x


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