Monday, 20 February 2012

New on website - Artemio Stamps

I know these are not new new, but they are new to our website.

There are some really lovely sets covering a lot of themes, here's a little selection.  There are a number of sheets with swirls

This is a great set for journalling

A great set for scrapbooking

Proper animal images


 And I think the London themed sets are going to be very useful this year!

The standard set sizes are 18cm x 14.5cm

Then there are the mini sets 7cm x 9cm

They are all clear stamps and are great value.

There are too many to show in this post, you will find them all HERE

They also produce a range of scrapbooking templates, I'll let you know when they are added, they look really useful too!

Thanks for visiting

Jill x

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