Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New - Woodware Spring Stamp Supplement 2012 and new accessories

The new Woodware Spring supplement of stamps has now been added to our website HERE

There are clear stamp sets and also clear individual designs, here's a selection

Some of the wording designs are huge, they will fill a card front and will be great for paper piecing

I better stop before I add the whole supplement!

I've added the new designs into the existing categories so if you go to the last pages of Francoise Read and Jane Gill's clear stamps you will see the new stamps there.  The single clear stamps are at the end of that section.

I thought you may find it useful to have a list of the stamps in the Spring Supplement so you know which ones are new...

Clear Magic - FRCL210 - Sitting Pretty
Clear Magic - FRCL211 - Heart and Home
Clear Magic - FRCL212 - Number One Champ
Clear Magic - FRCL213 - Smart Gadgets
Clear Magic - FRCL214 - Tag Builder
Clear Magic - FRCL215 - Patch a Flight
Clear Magic - FRCL216 - Patch a Bug
Clear 'Singles' - FRS109 - Dad
Clear 'Singles' - FRS110 - Mum
Clear 'Singles' - FRS111 - Double Birthdays
Clear 'Singles' - FRS112 - Double Thanks
Clear 'Singles' - FRS113 - Chubby Kitty
Clear 'Singles' - FRS114 - Blossom Teapot
Clear 'Singles' - FRS115 - Love Birds
Clear 'Singles' - FRS116 - Patchwork Boat
Clear 'Singles' - FRS117 - This Little Piggy
Clear 'Singles' - FRS118 - Baby Patch Elephant
Clear 'Singles' - FRS212 - Alphabet Background
Clear 'Singles' - FRS213 - Huge Thanks
Clear 'Singles' - FRS214 - Huge Happy Birthday
Clear 'Singles' - FRS215 - Calla Lily
Clear 'Singles' - FRS216 - Field of Tulips
Clear Magic - JGCL552 - Bubble Birds
Clear Magic - JGCL553 - Daisy Dots
Clear Magic - JGCL554 - Frigate
Clear Magic - JGCL555 - Inscriptions/Hours Fly By
Clear Magic - JGCL556 - Kind Heart
Clear Magic - JGCL557 - Teacher's Pet
Clear Magic - JGCL558 - Three Flowers
Clear 'Singles' - JGS158 - Rose Wreath
Clear 'Singles' - JGS159 - Thistle
Clear 'Singles' - JGS160 - Poppy
Clear 'Singles' - JGS161 - Daffodil
Clear 'Singles' - JGS162 - Tulip
Clear 'Singles' - JGS163 - Old Map Frame
Clear 'Singles' - JGS164 - Agapanthus
Clear 'Singles' - JGS262 - Birthday Background
Clear 'Singles' - JGS263 - Floral Frame
Clear 'Singles' - JGS264 - Amaryllis
Clear 'Singles' - JGS265 - Happy Birthday Doodles
Clear 'Singles' - JGS266 - Huge Cake and Candles
Clear 'Singles' - JGS267 - Grasses
Clear 'Singles' - JGS268 - Dotty Frame
Clear 'Singles' - JGS269 - Swirly Frame
Clear 'Singles' - JGS350 - Best Wishes Doodles
Clear 'Singles' - JGS351 - With Love Doodles

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  1. I love the sailing ships, great new sets.

    Cazzy x


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