Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Stamp Man wished he was 'ere again, but he wasn't!!!

I have to share this little bit of funny nonsense with you, (sorry Ian for using THE photo), but I have to show it :)

The last time we went 'further' up north to the 2nd of our shows this year, back in January, with Ross Papercraft, we had a bit of a bad day getting there.

We don't leave anything on the van overnight so the intention was to load up as usual before we set off.  Well, the final packing and loading up didn't go as smoothly and hassle free as normal and it was a REALLY, REALLY windy day.

It was all my fault of course since the time I broke our best trolley when I moved it 2ft along at the back of the van and left the van door open then went to move the car out of the way so Ian could get the van off the drive and Ian forgot he left the trolley there originally anyway and ran over it!!!!!!!!!!  Oops!!!!!!!!!!  Nasty dent :(  BIG delay :(

Anyway, the journey for this trip up the A1 was pretty hairy due to the wind which seemed to get even worse the further we went.

We got there, unloaded and set up ready for the show the next day etc but, when we came out to set off to the hotel, the wind wrenched the driver's door back, then a huge gate blew into the other door, slamming it shut. The gate just missed Ian's back otherwise it could have been even worse!

We decided to try and find somewhere to eat on the way to the hotel but couldn't find anywhere for something like fish and chips, (and Ian's doesn't eat spicy takeaways), we found nothing.  So we were cold, tired, hungry and just a little bit fed up.

Now this just goes to show how things can turn around in a matter of minutes just when you think the day cannot get any worse!  The day only had a couple of hours left so there wasn't that much hope of it getting any better.  But it totally flipped round (just like the van door!)

The kitchen of the restaurant next door to the hotel had closed for the night so when we checked in Ian asked if there was anywhere to get something to eat at that time.  The lady whispered that she had a number so we could get a Pizza delivered, Ian doesn't eat Pizza either but food is food so he replied that he'd hoped to get fish and chips but pizza would be fine.  Fish and chips turned out to be an option for delivery too so that was brilliant.  They were lovely fish and chips with the fish packed separately so it was still nice and crispy.

Normally we stay in hotels and the lighting is terrible to read with, but I just had to take this photo of a very contented Ian, full on fish and chips sat in a comfy armchair with a light shining down on his newpaper.  What more could a man ask for eh?  There were a couple of steps up to his little reading alcove and it was so funny seeing him sitting up there.  All this for a bargain price room of £10 too!!

We booked the same hotel for this last weekend for the show at Nissan in Sunderland but unfortunately that room had gone, there was no special offer on the room either, maybe next time:)

Well, that's my lunch break over, it's back to getting ready for the Harrogate show this weekend!

Really looking forward to it and hope to see you there:)

Jill x


  1. He looks like he's sat on his throne, Jill. What more could a man want, fish and chips and a comfy room all for £10. Bargain, especially after such a lousy day. I'm glad it finished on a high.
    See you on Saturday.
    Hugs Lisax

  2. Ha ha haa!!he does look like he's sat on the throne too!!!hee hee
    Hope you have a fab weekend at Harrogate. Dont think I will have time to go xx
    Big Hugs
    Debbie xx


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