Monday, 9 August 2010

More Oriental card making kit cards

I'm having a great birthday today even though I'm at work, I received lovely cards and pressies (thank you!), even the sun was shining this morning which has been a rare treat for Yorkshire recently!

Here are more of the cards that Janet and Michelle made using parts of the Oriental card making kit I mentioned yesterday.

This is the kit, I listed the contents in yesterdays post, it costs £7.50 and can be found on our website HERE

You will also find the stamps that Michelle and Janet used, they are the clear stamps by Habico HERE.

Thank you again for making these ladies, they are all superb!



  1. Happy Birthday! All the best to you!

    What beautiful cars!

  2. Happy Birthday. Glad the sun was shining your side of town, it must have known it was your birthday. Have a great day Bee

  3. better late, then never?
    Happy Birthday and all the best wishes!

  4. Some lovely cards there !!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a bit late I know still better late that not at all.......Annette x

  6. Fab cards as always Jill sorry missed birthday but hope it was a good one anyway luv Sue x

  7. Super talented ladies, Amazing cards!
    Blessings Bernie


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