Saturday, 7 August 2010

September Craft Stamper Magazine Continued...


I did mention I had more to say about this month's Craft Stamper magazine in my last post and have only just got round to posting again.  So, to continue where I left off...

Also in this month's magazine are great projects from Kay and Michelle, who are both on our Design Team and then there's my clock project too, I'm showing a little portion of it above.  As you can see I've embedded lots of time themed pieces into the UTEE, Katy the Editor had seen other versions of this technique on my blog and asked me to make something similiar for the magazine.

It actually started as an Ikea mirror but I took out the mirror and replaced it to make it into a working clock.  The items I used for the frame can be found on our website HERE.  I've made a separate section on the website for Craft Stamper project products so they are easier to find and will add to the section with our design team's projects when they have used products that we stock.  I had great fun making the clock and now have a couple more I am working on, I think I will make them with different themes though.  I'll show them to you when they are finished.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is that we are sponsoring the Cardmaker of the Year Competition for Craft Stamper.  Click HERE for details of how to enter.

If you haven't got your September copy yet, we have them in stock to order by post now HERE. 

I hope you are having a great weekend!


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  1. Love your piece in the mag, really lush !!


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