Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cards For Men Challenge

I've always found this stamp sheet great for mens' cards, especially for older men or those that don't do sport gardening, cars or pubs!  

For this card I've used a map background paper we have in the shop over the entire base card.

 This close up shows the Moonshadow Ink background, Moonshadow ink is walnut ink and mica powder mixes. I've used Moonglow Embossing Powders Midnight Emerald Obsidian and Teal
to emboss the map, ship and wording.

Here's a close up of the embossed fusible webbing.  I demonstrated this on Create and Craft and in the DVD I made, basically it is sticky both sides, you heat it to melt it and make lace patterns before adding embossing powder.  I've used Moonglow Midnight Emerald Obsidian which being 2-tone, changes colour between black and emerald.  There are quite a few different colours available, all the Midnight Obsidian colours are great for men's cards.

I'm late posting this, it's been sitting here in draft since Thursday, oops!


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