Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Another new Design Team member!!!

Yes, ANOTHER one!!!

It is Sarah Anderson, the art of moodling, she is a dear dear friend of Ian and I, who we have known for years.  Sarah is the most happy smiley person.  People that know her will agree, I'm sure, that when Sarah enters the building, laughter and giggles just happen, and continue...  it's infectious, then when you see her work and how talented she is, then I'm certainly left in awe, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!!!

Sarah taught classes with us years ago, we'd been chatting about her joining our DT but we never actually sorted it out, but we have now:)  That's down to Vix stepping in and getting us organised.

Sarah is very talented and just loves splashing around in ink and paint, remember this photo from our demo weekend, yes this is Sarah!!!

If you haven't visited Sarah's blog before, here's a link, you'll not be disappointed! 

This is a journal page Sarah started that weekend that made those hands so messy at our open weekend with one of the designs from Tracey Coates' Butterfly Beauties stamp sheet, it's stunning, and she did most of it in 6" of space at the end of Vix's demo table!!!!!!  Click here to read more Sarah's day visiting us.

So welcome to Sarah, we're all thrilled you are joining us:)

*  *  *

Well, Halloween is over now, I didn't intend to, but I think I not only scared the small children that called round but also a dad!!  The outside light bulb has gone, and it was pitch black outside.  Ian had gone to bed early with this bug and had said to me to make sure I got my door keys ready in case anyone called, I hadn't, so it took ages to get my keys when they called.

Our dog was going bonkers barking (shame he didn't do his howl), and I knew I'd never get him shut in the kitchen without a battle and I'd left them waiting ages.  So, I had to leave him in the living room and close the door to the hall in order to open the door, there is no light in the hall and I had to unlock the door in the dark.  

Ian has fitted 2 really strong bolts to the front door which REALLY creaked and groaned and took me ages to unlock, my keys were also jangling about and I think I was getting scared myself!  I opened the door and could only see silhouettes, handing over the treat was fun and after feeling about in the dark I eventually found a tiny little hand.  

I did apologise that I couldn't put the light on as the bulb had gone, as they walked away I heard dad say, that it was the spookest one tonight!  I felt quite proud, although I hadn't really tried to be scary (they were actually lucky the light was off, me having a bug isn't a pretty sight!). 

I locked and bolted the door again, and another group knocked straight away, so same procedure...  I'm not convinced it wasn't some of the first group coming back to have me do it all again.

Our house is 100 years old, on a hill which makes it imposing, with lots of trees and bushes and I have a feeling that for a few years there will be some little children in the village running past our house on their way into school.   I wonder if they will come back next year, lol!!

Oh, I do waffle don't I...



  1. oooh you'll have to dress up next year jill and really scare the beejeezers out of them hehe!

    yayyyyyy on sarah joining the clan, she has a style of her own, awesome!

  2. I've got this totally Tim Holtz/Halloween type image of your house in my head now Jill!

  3. I'm thrilled to be on the team Jill, and that's a lovely write up you gave me :) I'd also like to give a big thanks to Vix for organising Jill and I lol.
    Love your ghostly halloween story, :)

  4. Well, Lisa, now you mention it, I'm looking at our house in a whole new light... I've never really thought about it much before but I've seen bats circled our roof at night and what with all the original fixtures and fittings, there's a lot of ideology going on too!

    There are far too many distress ink colour names that are applicable, peeled paint, weathered wood, rusty hinge, etc...

    My living room has a travel theme, luggage boxes, ship compasses, timepieces, and clocks. For the colouring think spiced marmalade, rusty hinge, vintage photo, walnut stain and other distress colours.

    We should redecorate, we did it over 10 years ago, no wonder I cannot bring myself to change it!!

    I must be a witch living in a Tim Holtz style house, lol!!!


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