Tuesday, 16 November 2010

USArtQuest Dicrofibers

Dicrofibres are very soft fibres that can be fused together, the fibre itself is much finer and softer than any that I have come across before also, the colours are absolutely beautiful, there are softer shades and they work really well together too.

The cards above and below were made by Susan Pickering Rothamel of USArtQuest

You need to ink a red rubber stamp with black permanent ink (do not use clear stamps for this technique as they will likely melt!), pull fibres apart to fluff up and lay them onto the inked stamp.  Cover with a non-stick pressing paper such as parchment paper and press with a medium hot iron.  When cool cut out designs to make into a card.

Below are my efforts at the workshop with the fibres, we were running late so we had to work fast.  Next time I do this technique I will spend more time arranging the elements that have been sandwiched behind Lamin-It pieces.  Once arranged the Lamin-It piece is ironed to fuse the pieces together.

Fibres, papers and other bits and pieces can be added.

Finally the piece from my display board that was inspired by Susan's at the top of the post, the 2 flower heads were cut out and layered.  They are made with different coloured fibres to make the pieces stand out

I am still adding products to the USArtQuest section on our website and unfortunately I don't have any photos of the different Dicrofibers kits as yet, I will add them as soon as I can.

I have a couple of technique workshops coming up and have decided to add some of the techniques from Saturday into the day as I'm sure everyone will love to have a play too!

I'll show another piece I made with the Dicrofibers tomorrow, then move on to the other techniques on the boards.


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  1. These look fun. I guess another trip up to the store will be in order soon. Have a wonderful day. Angela


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