Sunday, 14 November 2010

So simple collage...

I posted yesterday evening that Debbie and I had a brilliant day out and went on a USArtQuest workshop with the company owner/super talented artist Susan Pickering Rothamel and her equally super talented sidekick Frankie, it was absolutely FAB:))) 

I've known Susan and admired her talent for many years, unfortunately I haven't seen her for a few years, so it was fantastic to see her again, to have a big hug, and to learn even more techniques with her great products.

She worked us hard, we completed 4 display boards each full of 4 of techniques along with instructions that you can see for yourself soon when you visit our shop.   I got all inspired with the old products again and was truly wowed with the new ones, so I'll be showing you some things here.  There's also a lot of techniques that you can use with your Cuttlebug:)  I feel there's going to be some great new technique classes coming on with all these great materials...

The piece shown above was so quick and easy to make,  but look how complex it looks!! It is laminated and made mostly from leftovers from other projects.  This was made by Susan along with other pieces I took photos of to show you.  Susan used papers, fibres, metal leafing and mica pieces to make it.  Unfortunately some of the photos haven't come out very well but I'll be showing what I have and also the pieces I made at the class.

The photo below shows a similar technique.

I've started adding more USArtQuest products to our website, the products are all the best quality materials you'll find.  I'll post more about them but for instance the dicro fibres are much finer and softer than any I've seen on the market and therefore finished artwork is of a much higher quality.  The adhesives do so much more than just stick things down, I'll attempt to describe all the uses another time.

I've made some introductory offers on some of the kits on our website for a limited period, so it is an ideal time to try them or perhaps someone would like to treat you for Christmas, I've got my eye on the Napkin Collage Kit, wait until you see what you can do with that!!!!

I hope you've had a good weekend!



  1. An interesting collage with great textures. So much fun was had here methinks.....
    Annette x

  2. Lovin this Jill we need a demo when we are there next
    x Michelle


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