Friday, 23 September 2011

Grrr... Computer says noooooooo!!

I've been AWOL as my old lappy slowed down and down to a stand still then it finally gave up:(  It's been so frustratingly slow and painful to work on and I really should have got a new one ages ago, why oh why did I struggle with it for so long!!!  

I got a new one this afternoon and I'm busy filling it up and making it mine:)  I cannot believe how quick this new one is compared to my old thing, I'm sure computer life will become so much easier now.  The difference is unbelievable, a whole new world :D  I think I've lost some files for good, my fault for not backing up more regularly but it really was a painful chore on my 7 year old:(  I did ask Dell about renewing my warranty a while ago when the screen gave up, the man just laughed!!!  I don't think they have stock of spare parts for it any more, it's just a little too vintage!

Ian and I are now squabbling about who gets to drive the van over the old one, 'cos it is going to happen!!!  We may wait until it's fully laden with stock for Port Sunny show and then really squish it ;D

Anyway, blog candy got delayed, but it will be coming soon...

Jill x


  1. Sounds like life is going to be so much easier from now on... I wonder who wins the drive over the old one :)

  2. Love the planned demise of the old one. Take advantage of the newer technology !!


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