Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Old Bag Configuration Box

Just a swift post before I head to bed before the show tomorrow.  

I wanted to show you a really quick small configuration box I made using some of MY kit (sorry but of course I HAD to have a kit myself to test:)  ...Who am I kidding!!

I used a letters and numbers kit, now I do need to point out that you don't get everything on my work desk, and every bag is different so there won't be any straight copying of this going on I'm afraid!!  Your kit will be a mystery and a challenge just for you.  

I honestly could have kept and stroked all that stuff daily and I will inwardly weep when those bags go, but I know they will go to good homes so that is OK:)  (Sort of)  My fault for bonding with craft stuff, I'm a terror for it, Ian calls it hoarding!  I don't know why:)

Sorry, I digress...

As my work desk is still full of lovely stuff (yes proving that there is definitely hope for more Old Bags), I had to make this in the kitchen and PDQ.  I've not been able to craft much recently so I absolutely loved making this.

I need to point out that I haven't used tissue tape around the apertures, it's the repro newspaper in strips.  Since I made this I've included them in the Old Bags but we will also sell this separately as it is fab for die cutting etc.  Unfortunately Tissue Tape wasn't an option for pack splitting, although I  have been thinking of how to do it...  Anyway, the repro stuff is great with distress inks and does the job.  Tip...try mounting it on chipboard before using to make it extra sturdy.

Right, I'll upload the other photos of it now, and stop waffling as I need to get to bed.  The photos aren't great but better than nothing...

Before I go, thank you for all your encouraging comments about the Old Bags, I'm so excited about them and have loads of ideas and if you want them too, I'm sure we can organise mail order for them, even to the USA Deanna:)

Thanks for visiting

Jill x


  1. Wow... I absolutely love the box you made. The old newspaper looks great on the edges! Life is always much more fun when you can play and create... it sure shows that you had a good time :)

  2. This is fabulous Jill, it really goes to prove you should never throw anything away, or indeed use any of your stash, you should just keep it safe and stroke it occasionally - but then we wouldn't have this beauty so...:o) Glad you found the time to have a play x

  3. Fab little config box and would welcome a selection of old bags available online ! Ohhhh what have I just said !! lol

  4. Thanks for your comments, LOL @ Sid, careful Mister!!

    Well, I think we'll definitely have to make more, we only have one Game theme Old Bag left for tomorrow at the show and a couple of alcohol ink starter sets. It was busy so we didn't get a chance to explain it all to everyone that visited the stand but when I did speak to people they were very intrigued with the bags!

    A lady came back and told Ian she'd spread out the contents of the bag she'd bought to see what was in her kit and was pleased with her selection and the value, so that's made me really happy :D



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