Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Old Bag...Revealed...

I've been thinking and working on this idea for months and months and have been collecting all sorts of things and now feel I'm ready to reveal these LIMITED EDITION vintage Old Bags.  When I say they are limited they are, no 2 bags are the same, each are individual and contain SO MANY different things and they honestly take AGES to pack but, what a nice job for me to do:)

Those of you that love vintage and all things Tim will realise that you can spend a fortune on all the packs of Ideology and you may only want one of 2 items in each pack to try, especially when making a configuration box.   

So, I've packed a selection of Tim's Ideology along with LOADS of other bits and pieces.  I've also packed them in themes so if you wish to make a themed box you can.  

You get basic Ideology pieces and then a main item on the theme or a couple of smaller items on the theme, for instance you may get a watch in the time set or a car or plane in the travel kits.

Themes I have made up so far are variations of Travel, Time, Games, Letters and Numbers, plus a general selection of those 4 themes although every pack will have a good variation of products.

I put all the stuff on my work desk, worked out the prices for each item and counted the products value into the bag.  It took time....

I then turned my calculator off and added LOADS more!  

Plus there is an extra package of papers and card, die cuts and more, I can honestly say that the packs are very good value and full of lovely things. 

The die cuts are some that are made from Moonshadow ink vintage papers I've made, some repro vintage newspaper, wood and cork paper, metals, meshes there's all sorts, but again, not all kits will have those or the same things, but you will get a great variety!!! There is also an 8" x 8" sheet of Tim paper that isn't available anymore in some of them.

In fact there are a number of items that I found stored away upstairs in the shop that are designed by Tim but weren't even in the shop, I'd never have found them if we hadn't moved!  There are also some 7 Gypsies pieces in there too

I made a small configuration box with one of the kits, I have tons of stuff left over for other projects.  (I'll show you it another time).

And, of course you get it all in one of the hessian Old Bags, that have been hand made by Caroline, thank you for making them, you are a star!!!  

The bags are brilliant and you'll be able to store loads of vintage stuff in them!!

Notice the fun photo of Ian and I on the label, how serious we look!!  

Anyway, I'll tell you more another time, I've still got some more packing to do so they are ready for Harrogate show.

Remember though, they are LIMITED EDITIONS, so don't hang about if you want to get one at the show.  We also have the configuration boxes for sale at the show, they are not included in the Old Bag so you can choose which size you'd like to make, you may not want to make a configuration box and just get the kit for general use, it's up to you:)

I'm sure there's more that I need to tell you about them, but I think that's enough excitement for me now:)

Thanks for looking!

Jill x


  1. I really would love one or two of these 'OLD BAGS'.... there is no way i can get to Harrogate show, can i buy on-line please?

  2. Hi these are awesome, I want one ! Am not going to the show, is ther any other way I can get one? Ta trace x

  3. Fab idea, pity I am not able to come to the show !!

  4. I too would love one (or two) of these bags but cant be in Harrogate......

  5. Another wish for you to sell these on line, they look fantastic.

  6. What a pity you have to go to the show. I've no mission of getting there. Good luck to all the ladies who make it!

    Edna x :)

  7. Hi, I've just found your blog via a link from Frankie's Dragon's Web. What a find. I will certainly add this to my favourites. As I live in SW England, I won't be able to make it to Harrogate. Are the OLD BAGs available via mail order? Jean.xx

  8. Hi, I've just found your blog via a link from Frankie's Dragons Web - what a find. I will certainly add this to my favourites. As I live in SW England, I can't make it to Harrogate - is there any way to get hold of an OLD BAG via mail order? Jean.xx

  9. Any chance you would offer some up for purchase for those of us in the U.S. (I know, I'm pushing it!)

  10. I'm popping my request for one too! And yes, can't get to Harrogate!

  11. Love, love your Old Bag! Too bad I won't be able to get one - since I live in the U.S.

  12. so glad the old bags have been such a hit - they are rather special thats for sure well done to all those who got one and dooo share your projects :0)


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