Tuesday, 28 April 2009


This is our Springer Spaniel Hamish, (he is Scottish and was already named when we got him). It's probably why he doesn't understand what we are saying to him sometimes!

He was a pup in the photos but as he has just celebrated his 3rd birthday this month I thought I'd let you see him.

I must take some more photos of him, but anyone with a Springer Spaniel will know it is hard to keep them still long enough to take photos of them! He got himself into a right mess in the garden and had to have his first bath, he loves water as long as it's a pond, river or lake and not in a plastic tub!

He's a real happy chappy, but can be quite a handful!!!


  1. Awh hamish is lovely-ive still never seen him

  2. Well, we've had a chat with Hamish Debbie and he said he wants to come and live with you!

    He loves birds, so he'll keep the budgies on their toes as well as all of you!!

    Jill x

  3. Hamish is on his way round to see you Debbie and wants to know what's for tea?

  4. Love Hamish, so cute. Nice to see you have started a blog.......good luck with it.

  5. Just found your wonderful blog Jill via Kay Carley. Love all the artwork and Hamish is fab.
    I shall be a regular visitor from now on.


  6. Thanks you very much for your comments!

  7. Hi, Oh he is adorable, I have a springer who is the same colour the only difference is she is called Tia. Thet are great fun aren't they?

    Congrats on setting up your blog it's a great start to it too. I have just joined as a follower cos I'm totally addicted to stamping and anything vaguely related.

    I will be popping back often.

    Happy stamping, Jan xx

  8. Aww Hamish is adorable! I have a Cocker Spaniel called Jet and i love her to bits.
    Enjoy your blogging.If you fancy having a peek at mine its HERETrish (-:

  9. Thanks everyone, just added more pics of Hamish, I really shouldn't have started looking at those photos again.

    Stamping is back on the agenda for tomorrow.

    Jill x

  10. ello there missus Jill.

    I iz a pringer pangol and I az got a zister called Holly. May name iz Scooby. We duz know wot dirty worter tastez lyk. Tell Hamish dat it iz tastier dan the tap worter! We duz also lyk eatin neckles and grassy stuff too! Our mum duz say dat we iz comickal lickle pupsters! We az got a cocky cocker spangol too livin in oor 'ouse too! She iz mental and iz from Eyeland, so me finks dat iz why she duzzn't lissen to our mam.

    lots a wuffy luvs - you can see uz at joaustin.blogspot.com (it iz me mumms bloggy fing - she finks she is an orfer how much she duz write on there! But therez sum pikturs of me and me sizters on there to!

    Luv Scoobster and Holly Pops and lickle Truly.. and of course me mum. Jo x

  11. Oh, Jo, I'm laughing my head off here:) You are SO funny!!!! You need a sense of humour with springers though don't you. Can't wait to see your lickle pupsters, will pop over for a visit.

    Thanks for following our blog and for leaving this funny comment:)

    Jill x

  12. ello Jill.

    me mum told me to coom bak on ear and say fanks for dat comment you lefted on dat bloggy fing.

    My Holly Hooligan sez dat Hamish is a bit hamsum and he cud be her boifwend. I dunt know wot dat meens dough cos I iz just her bruvver. Am finkin shiz feelin sloppy! Shiz poorly see, and lyks lota simpfy.

    luv Scoober!


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