Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Thank You!

Thank you everyone that has joined our blog today, I've been busy emailing, getting more bits together to post here and looking at your blogs this evening.

Meanwhile Debbie has added a slide show at the bottom of the page showing photos of sections of our shop that she took today. Thanks Debbie, it's great!!!

I have been in contact with Kay tonight, as she has now finished the 2nd new stamp sheet. The first new sheet went into production today, I cannot wait to try them out, they are lovely! Kay is now finishing the 3rd sheet so we're all getting there! By the time they arrive I should have worked out how to offer blog candy, so watch this space!

Anyone going to the HSNW show at Port Sunlight, Wirral next weekend? If so, please come and say hello. I'm not sure what I am going to demonstrate yet as you never know I may have Kay's new stamps to play with (fingers are all crossed for this!). I also may demonstrate a new idea that I've still to try (yes, it WILL be a messy one), maybe I can combine the idea with the new stamps! I'll have a chat with Kay and see if we can both give you a sneaky peak on our blogs of one or two of the new designs

Hamish has been up to his usual trick tonight, he had a perfectly fresh bowl of water to drink from but decided to drink the horrid water in our pond instead, must like it being more tasty! Talking of bad habits, he's grown out of this one now (thank goodness) but I couldn't resist showing you these photos, he was 8 weeks old and decided to have a schnoooze in my old comfy shoes, glad he thought they were comfy too. I PROMISE that there will be more crafting pics than photos of my dog here but I just love these photos!!!

Anyway, enough for tonight, more tomorrow....

Jill x


  1. Gooe was only snuggling them, and unlike my pooch when i first had him, decided to leave a little something for me ,lol

    He is such a cutie isnt he.

  2. Can't wait to see Kay's new designs, I'm sure they will be gorgeous and I love your messy techniques, they keep me quiet for ages. Looking forward to that sneaky peak!!!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


  3. That is such a sweet photo, my dog Skye used to run off with shoes and play with them in the garden - it was a nightmare when we had visitors and forgot to warn them!

    Looking forward to seeing Kay's newest stamps as I love her designs

    Jan x

  4. Hi Jill,welcome to Blogland, found you through Janets post :)

    Katy x


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