Thursday, 30 April 2009

Moonshadow Ink Technique

It's been a funny old day today one way or another, but I am pleased to say that Kay's second new stamp sheet is now in production!

I've been out in the garden earlier this evening, (briefly as it is wet and cold here), playing frisbee with Hamish who decided that a wide shallow plant pot holder needs playing with and is now his new toy. I managed not to throw it over the garden fence!

Anyway, back to cards.... Moonshadow Inks are another favourite of mine that work the same way as Starburst Stains.

The main difference between the 2 products is that Moonshadow ink has Walnut Ink as a base with colour coming from the Mica Pigment Powders, whereas Starburst Stains are pretty colours and mica mixes.

I find Moonshadow Inks are ideal to use for cards for men and any vintage work, (not just cards).

Moonshadow inks hold a much more dramatic pattern as the walnut ink and mica separate more than the stains giving a more defined edge to a splodge (IYKWIM!)

This is one of the first cards I made with the Moonshadow Inks, (probably about 7-8 years ago), I did little splodges with a detail paint brush and this photograph is a good example to show you as it really shows the Mica colours.

Another point it shows is the difference between allowing the inks to dry naturally or drying with a heat gun. You can see definite edges around the splodges of the back background as this was allowed to air dry which enabled time for the ink and mica to separate before they dried. The upper background was dried with a heat gun and it gives a more overall shimmer with a softer look.

We have Moonshadow Inks on special offer at the moment so it is a great time to try them out. I'll be showing more techniques and ideas with them as we go along.

Thank you to everyone who has joined our blog today.

Now it's time for something to eat

Jill x


  1. Such a beautiful card. The effects are stunning. Just love vintage looks on cards, well every thing.

  2. Great effect here Jill I love your demos of these on the TV too, hugs Pascale

  3. That's gorgeous Jill. I have quite a few of the moonshadow inks already but I'm sure there are some more I absolutely must have!!
    Ali xx

  4. Hi Jill
    Great to see you have succumbed to blogland, you've got some lovely work on here and we have been busy spreading the word for you.
    See you soon
    x Michelle

  5. Thank you all for your comments, and for spreading the word about our blog!

    Jill x

  6. A fabulous card Jill. I love the Moonshadow inks and now you have inspired me to get them out again.


  7. Lovely card Jill, I have just found your blog from Kay and what a great blog it is too. Love seeing your shows on Create and Craft and will now follow you on here too!


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