Thursday, 6 August 2009

Paperwork or Play?

I've had a lovely day, a lady asked yesterday if she could call back today and have a play with the Starburst Stains and Moonshadow inks with me so what am I do? Do paperwork or say yes and play? So we played. It was arranged that her husband would go for a walk and come back in a couple of hours. It was only afterwards I realised that the lady had told me yesterday when she first arrived that it was her birthday the next day, and duh, I didn't remember until this evening!! So a belated happy birthday to you!

After we started splishing and sploshing another couple arrived who were also on holiday, and we sort of highjacked the lady from her husband! She really wanted to join in so after playing for a while they went for lunch and she came back later to play and shop while her husband went sightseeing alone. Two good husbands there! The ladies are up and running with some techniques now.

Hilary (a regular customer) came this morning with yarns she no longer wanted and asked if I'd like some, ummm, would I? She had 2 bin bags full, you should have seen the look on Ian's face when he caught me delving to the depths of a bag to make my selection. He shook his head muttering something about giving up... I am supposed to be having a clearout myself at home, I am such a horder of stuff, I just like adopting things, mainly crafting things or things I can use for it, I have no hope of ever living minimalistically.

Anyway, I sorted the ones I wanted into sets, as you do, and came up with a perfect combination of all the colours in my favourite French Country Starburst Stains set. I think I'm getting a bit too obsessed about this set now.

Hilary dropped the rest of the yarns off at a charity shop so a good time for anyone who wants yarn in the Skipton area at the moment.

Yesterday we had an unexpected visit from a gentleman customer who we haven't seen for 5 years as he's been through a bad time healthwise. Norman first shopped with us when we had just moved into our old shop about 17/18 years ago. I wonder if anyone out there remembers Norman attending our demonstration days, it was lovely reminising with him over a cup of tea.
Today's photos are of the dark pieces of stained card that I ran through the Cuttlebug with the swirl folder. I then sanded the embossing so the pattern pops out giving a distressed effect.


  1. Sounds like you've had a particularly happy two days Jill!

    Lesley Xx

  2. Clearly you made the 'fun' choice, but I know first hand how that dilemma is!
    We do not have Starburst Stains here, as far as I know, so I need to find out if they are similar to something here.
    Honestly Jill, I have been out of the retail end just long enough that EVERYTHING seems new to me again!

  3. Play anytime Jill, in preference to paperwork.
    Christine xx

  4. Hi Jill, lovely to have people stop by and be able to have the freedom to decide to play! A little bird told me you have a birthday this week so Happy birthday hope you've enjoyed it.
    x Michelle

  5. Wish I'd been one of those lucky ladies. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
    Beryl xx


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