Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Is anyone still visiting?

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, what with our holiday and one thing and another I've been AWOL. Thank you for the messages you left while I was away, they are much appreciated.

I made this gatefold card on Saturday, using some of the backgrounds I'd made with the French Country Starburst Stains. I ran the piece through my Cuttlebug in the Swizz Dots folder, then sanded it to allow the dots to appear white, a very satisfying technique! I detail painted the flower image with the French Country stains to match. The flower image is of course one from Kay Carley's new stamp sheets. I seem to using them for everything at the moment, I absolutely LOVE using them.

Followers of Kay's blog will know that she now has a winner for the blog candy, congratulations to Cathy, lucky you. I have been using Kay's swirl stamp set and they too are lovely to use. I will show another card that I used with the swirls another day.

My camera is still broken, and Debbie is on holiday, (probably glad for a break from taking my photos for me I'm sure), so I'm using my mobile at the moment so expect some naff photo's for a while. It's my birthday at the weekend so I'm hoping the camera problem may be solved!

Now that Kay's blog candy has finished I will be starting a new blog candy giveaway as soon as I have decided what to offer and have a photo of it, so please call back.



  1. Hi Jill. I hope you had a lovely holiday.
    This is a beautiful card. I had never thought of cuttlebugging coloured card and then sanding back to the white. Another use for my cuttlebug, fantastic. You always have such wonderful ideas.
    Lovely to see you back and the photos are fine.


  2. Hi Jill....

    Glad to see your new project on the blog. I am going to be sharing my new favorites list on my blog tonight (I do it every Wed) and will be mentioning The Stamp Man...hope you will stop by on Thursday to take a look!

  3. evening Jill...

    I'm still visiting.. glad to see you back, have you been busy?

    Hope fluffer-woofer is okay xx

  4. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Lisa, this background was quite dark, it was stains mopped up from the craft mat and there was a lot of stain on the mat and it had gone a bit muddy in places, it needed a lift so this was a good way of using it and not wasting the sheet.

    It wasn't my idea about sanding it but I am pleased I had the idea to apply it here and save that bit of card (that was otherwise nice and shimmery). I also used some of the card with the paisley and scroll patterns and that looked good too. I'll show what I make with them another time.

    Thank you Julie, I'll pop by and have a look at your new list tomorrow.

    Well Jo, I had forgotten how disruptive holidays can be, it was our first proper one for 3 years, the last one was when we came home from Scotland with Hamish, so it was his first holiday, and he learnt to swim properly, well still doggie paddle, but I think thats allowed as he is a dog, lol! Still trying to catch up and then I'm away again on Friday!

    Anyway, thank you again for hanging around here, it's nice to be back.


  5. I missed you too Jill. Glad it was something nice that kept you away from the blog and not some dreaded lurgy.

    I love the card by the way and I think the Swiss Dots CB folder is the best thing since sliced bread. It's so versatile.

    Lesley Xx

  6. disruptive holidays Jill? lol.. totally agree with that one.. we're giving it a miss this year, last year we went to the Isle of Arran - beautiful place - we were booked in for two weeks and had the car wrote off in an accident five days into it.. came home two days later. So I reckon I agree with you with that.. however.. I wish I'd managed to bring a little Hamish back with me.. but don't think these monsters would have liked it.. lol..

  7. Hi I look when i can still. Hope you had a good holiday. I too love the ideas you give us. Thanks. Jill Mcmahon

  8. Thanks for your comments Lesley, Jo and Jill,

    Jo, that sounds more like a nightmare than disruption! Hope you were all OK after the accident.

    Jill x

  9. Glad to see you posting this lovely card Gill. Don't post too much while I'm off for the next few weeks though. I hate to miss anything.
    Beryl xx

  10. Hi Jill, good to have you back. I didn't realise you and Ian had been on holiday, hope you had a fab time. I thought maybe you had picked up something nasty and were confined to bed.
    Love & hugs
    Christine xxx


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