Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Slight disaster!!

So sorry to anyone who visited our website this afternoon and found no pictures, I had a ummmm SLIGHT disaster today, I was deleting old pictures from our website files and all was going well until I decided to multi-task something else at the same time.

I obviously didn't notice as I did it but when I went to delete the next file I realised that I had deleted ALL the photo's from our website, thousands of them that have taken years to put there!! Thanks to the help of a great tech support team they are now restored, PHEW!! Thank goodness for backups! Let that be a warning.... when did you last do a backup? I didn't 'fess up to tech support that as it is my day off, I was also ironing at the time of the mishap! Wouldn't do to let the men know about that, but I bet they suspected something like that had happened!

Thank you to the ladies who placed orders this afternoon anyway, it must have been like shopping in the dark!

Yesterday's post here didn't go much better either, I intended to add something to the website and tell you about it but it didn't work, hence me meddling about today trying to make more space on there for new stuff. I guess it wasn't that as it is still not working for me!! Anyway, I shall save all that for another time.

I've decided to post more photos taken of the flowers Kay sent me for my birthday, just to cheer the page up and also seemed relevant after being annoyed about something I read earlier. With all the hassle of the pictures, I didn't get round to publishing the other thing I was going to mention yesterday, but it is there now, it's about Julies Open Window blog candy. I follow Julie's blog and read earlier that she has had some terrible news today about where she lives, if you visit her blog you will read about something that really shouldn't be allowed, all for the sake of another road that'll have a knock on effect on nature. If you visit, you'll see why I picked a sunflower.

Anyway, you may wish to follow Julie's blog too, she is planning lots of fun things there. She had her own stamp store in the US for years, and is very talented!


PS: I know that the main photo needs rotating, sorry but I'm photo problemed out for today so it'll have to stay that way round!


  1. YOU...my dear, are too kind! Thanks again for such great encouragement. It's sad that we all know together how this feels, but it's nice to know that I am not alone in my sadness.
    I know all will be fine, but for now... : (

  2. Oh boy, what a day time you've been having Jill. Hope tomorrows better. The flower photos are gorgeous even the wrong way round.

    I'm going to pop over to Julie's blog now although I suspect I may wish I hadn't very shortly.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Julie, I know there are many other horrid things that go on in this world, and that this sort of problem is happening everywhere all the time in the name of progress but I also know it still hurts when it touches our little space in it that we want to protect.

    Yes, oh boy what a day Lesley! I'm not over with the ranting yet either.... I also feel I should explain my stupidity!!

    I absolutely HATE ironing, and I'm not using 'hate' mildly! My mum loves ironing, or should I say doesn't mind it, I wish I'd inherited that gene to make it more bearable. So, I saved up the pennies and bought an ironing press. Mum bought me an iron with a steam tank as a special pressie too. I'm quite proud that I am no longer ironing as we NEED it, and we have advance clothing hanging in the wardrobes! Honest I really really hate doing it!!

    I use the steam iron for the fiddly stuff and the press for all the flat stuff. I still find freshly ironed sheets comforting to climb into,(just a nice thing I've felt from childhood), so even though I hate it, I do love it IYKWIM! I also iron things that aren't seen, ummm, such a strange love/hate thing.

    Anyway, I'd done all the fiddly stuff and had moved onto the press stuff, well, there's time to kill while it presses, and I get bored in between moving the stuff about in it. I'd already paired the socks etc and in the frustration of waiting for it to bleep, the thought leapt upon me to get on with something else. All was well with this system of deleting old images for an hour or so, then disaster struck! The bleep was bleeping, and computer buttons needed pressing, and Hamish was wanting to come in from the garden and... and ... system overload.

    I'm blaming the irons for today's disaster, that way the laptop can live:)

    A little blame could perhaps be put on the mouse too, who I bet sneakily wandered away from where he was supposed to be!!

    Ok, ok, it was ALL my fault:(

    Apologies for all that, but I feel much better about today now:)

    Jill x

  4. OMG Jill... that sounds DREADFUL!!!! SO glad you have got them all restored!!

    Love and light

  5. What a day you had Jill, SO glad you managed with help to get them restored!!
    Christine xx


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