Saturday, 15 August 2009

Shrink Plastic Funky Flowers card

I'm still enjoying using Kay's new stamp sheets, here is another I made recently.

I sanded and coloured translucent shrink plastic using a Brilliance lavender ink pad. I put the ink pad directly onto the shrink plastic (direct to paper style) making random blobs all over. I then worked the ink over the whole sheet lifting some away to leave it fairly pale. As the shade will intensify when shrunk, it needs to be very pale.

I stamped the design using Stazon black ink and then painted the flower with the Brilliance ink that I had pressed onto my non stick sheet, and a detail paint brush. I also used coloured pencils for the leaves, then heated the piece with my heat gun to shrink. Use wooden dowling, or lolly sticks to hold it down as shrink plastic doesn't stick to wood and it is also less likely to spoil the plastic than using tweezers (that can also get very hot). When it looks like it won't shrink anymore, splat it with the back something solid that won't spoil such as an acrylic block. This will give a nice flat finish. If you call into the shop you may see this card, the photo shows the piece quite dark but it is a lot lighter in real life.

I punched out a flower and made 2 holes in it to make it into a button. I shrank the piece completely and while still really hot, I stamped one of Kay's flourish stamps into it with black Stazon ink and attached the ribbon when it was cool. Oh, nearly forgot to mention that I reheated the flower a little after stamping, just enough to make it curl upward to give it dimension.

I stamped over the pre-printed dragonfly background paper with the Brilliance ink pad, then stamped over again randomly with the black Stazon.

I added mauve brads to the corners and added some Magenta mesh style ribbon that I attached to the back before mounting onto a square base card.
I used silicone glue to attach the shrink plastic to the card.

I'll add appropriate words to the card before sending.


  1. That came out really nice! I've had fairly decent results with shrink plastic, but it sometimes seems hit or miss -- and the last think you want is a piece to go bad after you've spent so much time coloring it! I usually use my toaster oven, and coat the baking sheet with a little cornstarch, which helps keep it from sticking. I use a metal spatula to flatten it at the end.

  2. I think StazOn was the best invention for shrink plastic! In the old days, we used to have to be so careful not to smudge our ink before shrinking!
    Great job!

  3. A gorgeous card Jill, I haven't used shrink plastic for ages as I am always afraid of it going wrong. I love your colour choice, in case you don't know, purple is my favourite colour LOL
    Christine xx

  4. I have been off the blog scene for a while, but came to have a nose today... wow your samples are just stunning, i have spent a while looking at your creations.

  5. This is the excellent designing of the Shrink Plastic cards.All the collection is very attractive.


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