Sunday, 14 February 2010

Another UTEE frame

Here is a third ultra thick embossed frame, unfortunately the photo doesn't show the colours very well but it is has more colour than it shows here. 

I didn't get to show this frame on our recent Create and Craft show where I explained the technique.  I did post some tips about it that you will find HERE if you are interested in having a try.  There is another embossed frame HERE

All 3 frames are now back on our living room wall.


  1. another gorgeous frame Jill.Did you do do it????you know what i mean!!!!!lol
    debbie xxxx

  2. No Debbie, maybe this week!!! I'm still thinking about it, stop nagging!!!!!!!!! lol

  3. Stunning! I think this is my favourite!

  4. Ohh, this one is fantastic Jill...lovely effect you have achieved !

  5. Another gorgeous frame, Jill.


  6. All of these frames are gorgeous Jill but I think this is my favourite too.

    I can't wait to have a go.

    Lesley Xx

  7. Hi Jill

    They are stunning, I watched you demo these on C&C so of course now I am wondergin how many new looks this one has had.

    B x

  8. Your frames look absolutely fab and I love the close ups you have given us. Bet they really catch the eye when yu see them displayed in your home.


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