Saturday, 20 February 2010

Today's workshop with a new Starburst Stain set!

Oh dear, it's been a long time since I last posted hasn't it!  I'm totally behind with blogland and have a lot of catching up to do. 

I've had a lovely day today, we had a workshop with 3 very nice ladies who came to play with Starburst Stains and learn some techniques.  It was especially good as we had a new Starburst Stain set to play with that only arrived yesterday. 

We started the day with a brilliance ink background technique that the ladies also wanted to try and then got stuck into the new set.  I had asked for a new set similiar to Icicle Creek, which is the palest set that has gold as the secondary colour.  

The new set is called Icicle and Snowflake which has the same pale shades as Icicle Creek but with silver as it's secondary colour.  It is really pretty and it is going to be gorgeous to use next Christmas!

We made lots of backgrounds with different techniques with the new set then moved on to the French Country set. 

Time flew by so there was a frantic frenzy to make cards at the end.  Here are the easel cards the ladies made.

Angela's card

Cynthia's card

Sue's card

Sue also managed to make this card.

Thank you ladies, you were great company, see you all at the Harrogate show!

This was a last minute workshop as we'd had to cancel the one just before Christmas so we finally had the chance to repeat it.

I will be sending out /emailing details of workshops up to June this week to those that have requested information.  There is a variety of classes, they are mainly technique based workshops, such as metal embossing, making an ultra thick embossed picture frame similiar to those that I've posted about recently,  techniques with Tim Holtz/Ranger products.  If you are interested please email us at

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. All stunning and those new colours are gorgeous!

  2. Lovely cards and I know that the effects of the SS's are very difficult to show in a photograph. I use them all the time but much better IRL.

  3. Looks fab! Ive left something on my blog for you x J x

  4. These look great Jill and the new set colours are soooo pretty. I have the Icicle Creek set (amongst others), definitely need this one.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Hi Jill. Lovely to hear from you.
    Your workshop sounds great fun and those new Stains look gorgeous. Another set for the collection.
    Hope you are coping with the snow today, yet again!!


  6. The class was great fun and I was taught and tried new techniques. Sprayed everything on the table including Angela, Cynthia and Jill! I would recommend Jill's classes to anyone who wants to try some new and different products.

  7. Fabulous work here Jill sorry I interupted you but you obviously taught them well!
    Love your UTEE frames think we will have to pop in for a quick tutorial soon!!!!
    x Michelle

  8. Love those cards and the new shades of stains. But what is the 'brilliance ink background technique'? Can't find it anywhere on the web and I'm intrigued as the results look good! Bye for now
    Christine (Levison)

  9. Fabulous colours, Gill - I really, REALLY like these :)) So soft and subtle.


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