Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Embossed picture frame from yesterday's show

This is the whole frame that I've posted bits of in the last couple of days.  I used some normal embossing powders such as black and gold along with various Moonglow embossing powders. 

The centre background is sprayed with Glitz Spritz.  I embossed the fish charms to tone them down a bit but left the shells on the frame their original gold so they would stand out.

I made this frame quite a few years ago when Suze Weinberg came out with the rubbery mesh that you can see on the top left hand side.  Nowadays you will know it as the non slip sheets you can buy in a DIY shop.

I broke up some embossed pieces and added them randomly to the bottom inside of the frame to make the sea bed.

Unfortunately the photos don't show the filigree anchor very well so I've included an undecorated one so you can see the actual shape of them, I stamped the embossed anchor with one of the images on the Aspects of Design Nautical stamp sheet.  I added some gold cord to the anchor as a finishing touch.

I'll show one of the other frames tomorrow and will include more detailed instructions for it.



  1. Hi Jill,
    The show was great,
    love these frames,

  2. Fantastic, Jill. So much detail in it, and the colours are gorgeous. Great to see the whole thing at last! x

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the show Jill and gave a Whoop when Nigel let you do the frame demo as I knew how much you wanted to include it.

    Brilliant, well done!

    Lesley Xx

  4. Saw the repeat in the middle of the night last night in work :)

  5. Jill...this is absolutely GORGEOUS!

    I'm telling you, The US could take a lesson or two from The UK.... : )


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