Wednesday, 10 February 2010

More embossed Moonglow Fabulous Filgrees

I used Moonglow 2-tone embossing powders Midnight Emerald Obsidian and Midnight Copper Obsidian on the aspen leaf.  I just love the intricate detail on this, it is so tactile!  I really must stop stroking it and get round to using it on a project...

The gecko is embossed with metallics and stamped into with a patterned rubber stamp.

Again, Moonglow embossing powders in green, copper and bronze have been used before stamping with a patterned stamp design.

Not a great photo of this one, but detail has been added to the leaves and the outline of the 3 tulips with a permanent marker after the embossing powder has cooled.


  1. These are gorgeous. Amazing the transformation! Love the Gecko - Same shaped outline as the Tattoo I've got. He's pretty!! Love the heart too!

    Kimmi xx

  2. These look fab, the moonglows really make them pop! !

  3. These are lovely, but the Aspen leaf is definitely my favourite!

  4. Jill...these pieces are so gorgeous!

    I especially love the leaf and the tree...BEAUTIFUL!

  5. These are just beautiful Jill, the tree has to be my favourite.

    Perhaps I need a mooglow play today.

    B x


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