Thursday, 16 July 2009

Icicle Creek Starburst Stains

Last, but certainly not least, is Icicle Creek, the lightest and prettiest set of all, I think. It makes a gorgeous mother of pearl finish on the scrunch technique and I just LOVE it! Click on the pictures to see the photos enlarged. The colours in this set are:

Alpine Ice Rose, Edelweiss Moss Green, Frosted Forget Me Nots, Icy Primrose Gold, Mountain Lavender Gold

The first time I made a colour chart for this set it was too pale, this one has turned out a bit darker than it actually is, but you'll get an idea of the true colours from the cards. I have covered the whole of the front of the card with the scrunch technique which I sprayed again after I have completed the basic scrunch. It has given it more of a gold shimmer.

The background on this card was embossed in gold first and then sprayed heavily so that the stains pool in the embossing. If you look at the card from one side you can see a blue background but move it a little and it is bright gold!

Here's the fusible webbing on an Icicle Creek background, I used white detail embossing powder. It makes a really pretty background.

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  1. I agree Jill, these really are the prettiest of colours and with that fusible webbing on top they are beautiful.

    I love this set of cards too.

    Lesley Xx


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