Sunday, 21 March 2010

Harrogate show - a fab weekend!

Well, the show is over and we are back home.  It has been a lovely weekend meeting everyone, so many familiar faces that we've met over the years. 

It was SO busy yesterday, the show was packed but less busy today so more comfortable for everyone.

There was quite a bit of reminiscent chatter and it is nice to know that so many customers who started with us over 20 years ago are still enjoying their cardmaking.  As Harrogate is fairly local to us it is a great show for us catch up with everyone's news.

One of them was Barbara who was one of our first customers, and has now moved to France but came back over to attend the show, it was lovely to see her looking so good, it must be the air in France!  She is still as giddy about cardmaking as she was when we first met her.  Some of you may remember Barbara from our old Demo Days at the hall.

That's the beauty of attending these shows, meeting up with everyone we've met over the years, it's what makes it all worthwhile to us.  I could have got quite jealous of all the hugs and kisses Ian got over the weekend! 

Ian told me on the way home that a lady said to him that she could be living in a mansion rather than a council house and it was all his fault for getting her started on cardmaking, luckily she was joking and quite happy about it.

I stayed relatively clean yesterday as I was demonstrating a pale colour Starburst Stain set, but I made up for it today with the Mardi Gras colours!  I keep thinking I will demo something different but people keep wanting to see me do the scrunch etc.  I did manage to sneak in a few demos with the new distress inks and also use some of the mica powders.

I did manage to get a few more cards made for the show that I will post another time, but have you seen the card Vix made with that gorgeous alluring eye image of Tracey's?  If not, go see, it's a fab idea!  Vix has swapped the normal skin tone shades of Promarkers for grey tones for a charcoal look.  So inspired!! 

Near the end of today a lady asked me to show her the stains and I had more or less used up all the Mardi Gras set so asked if she minded if I used a set that we had sold out of, it was the only other set I had made up with me to use.  I said I wanted to warn her there wasn't any more left.  She said it didn't matter as she didn't have any money any more either!!  We both laughed and I started to show her, of course other people came along to watch and I felt so mean to say afterwards to those that wanted them that they had all gone.

Before I waffle on anymore, Ian and I wish to thank Debbie and Caroline for their hard work, company and enthusisiam, they really helped to make it a special weekend.  Also to Helen, that works behind the scenes, thank you for packing the stock so well, sorry Helen but it all needs unpacking again tomorrow:)  Caroline and I did try to repack it as well as we could tonight.

A huge thank you to you all too for coming to say hello and making it a great weekend for us, we've just been chatting about how nice it's all been.

Jill & Ian


  1. Thabks for a great show - your stand and demos were fab.
    Have a well deserved rest
    Lisa Jane ;)

    the lady that stopped to speak to you at the end of the day!

  2. So glad that a fab time was had by all, alas I couldn't make it ! Still no doubt am a little better off, purse wise that is !

  3. Sounds as if you had a good show Jill!!


  4. Glad you had a good time at the show, i stopped by your demo's and got to say hi as it was quiet for all of 30 seconds!! hehe

  5. Glad to hear you had such a good time. I got maggie grey's book 'stitches, straps and layers' this weekend and it mentions starburst stains!!!!!!! Love it when textile art meets our kind of stuff :)
    Not long til port sunny :)

  6. Missed this show wish I would have known I am not that far from Harrogate (hour half drive) and I still haven't been to one of these crafts shows I have been crafting years and never been can you imagine any who I will have to try and find out about the next one I know there are a few this time of year hioe you had fun as well as working hard

    Love Dawn xx

  7. Another brilliant stand and good to see all the demos - I spent up again!
    I got to the show about 10.30 on Saturday morning - it was soooooo busy I don't know how you managed. But glad you did!
    Bye for now - and looking forward to the next one.
    Christine x


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