Tuesday, 9 March 2010

LIVE SHOW on Ideal World, Friday 12th March 2pm

I am really teasing you this week with these sneak peeks!  These 2 cards are made from one of the 5 main kits on the show. 

The kits and cards have been put together by the team at Craft Creations, you'll see that they have put a lot of time, thought and effort into them.  The products work perfectly together, the colour combinations are brilliant, they are the normal high quality from Craft Creations, and you are getting a great price! 
Can you tell I'm impressed yet? 

I just love the cards they have made, including these with the cogs and gears that are so 'in' at the moment, how great to have something different for men.  I hope you get to see all the cards, I shall certainly do my best to show as many as I can here too.

Honestly, I am really impressed with the kits as they have everything you need except double sided tape and foam pads.  There are kits for ladies and gents, plenty of elegant, retro, floral and funky styles, with fresh and trendy colour combinations.  I am sure they will be very popular and I hope you can either watch or record the show.

Craft Creations are fairly new to Create and Craft/Ideal World, I've filmed 2 live shows for them so far.  It has been a pleasure to work with them, they are one of our main suppliers that we have been buying from for over 20 years. 
I must tell you about this, Jenny, Mrs Craft Creations, has made a brilliant display to show different combinations of one of the kits.  A catwalk.  Jenny hasn't just stuck the ideas any old how onto a piece of mount board, oh no!!  You'll have to watch the show to see it, when I first saw it I realised it was a showcase of Jenny's original ideas for those designs.

Perhaps I should be a little kind with my teasing and tell you that I've put links to the Craft Creation website in this post but, to save you time hunting for them, the kits are not on there. 

OK, coffee break over, I'm off back to play with my kits now to get my demos prepared:)  I'll be back throwing a few more teases at you through the week about the show and other stuff.


(Whose far too excited today for her own good!)

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  1. What a tease you are. Really looking forward to the show now.


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