Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Quick 'n Easy Retro Alluring lady!

Well, when Debbie told me on Monday that on Sunday she got lost in a world of her own in her craft room for 9 hours creating a single card, it made me feel a tad of a cheat spending just 15 minutes creating this simple little creation on Friday evening! 

Debbie did have a speedier input into this card though as on Friday morning when we were packing the Cuttlebug folders to take to the Harrogate show that afternoon, Debbie spotted that the Cuttlebug folder Dots and Spots would be great used with Tracey's new stamp sheet.  I grabbed one in the hope of having some time and energy later to make a card with it.

So, after successfully setting up our stand that afternoon, after much anxiety hoping that I'd make everything fit nicely into our allocated space, (honestly, it's like doing a giant jigsaw), and with what seemed like a long.... endless.... drive.... home..... with a shopping stop at the supermarket for something nice and easy for our dinner, I rushed up to my office/craft room to make this.  OK, I hauled my body up the wooden hill to do it if I'm honest! 

My little green buggy friend was there ready for action on my desk and the copper mirri card was fairly easily found.  A small hunt for copper embossing powder, along with the card and copper nailheads and hey presto, a simple, but effective little card was ready for the weekend.

I LOVE these new stamps Tracey...


PS:  Click HERE to see Debbie's amazing butterfly easel card, it's truly a masterpiece, time well spent Debbie!


  1. thanks Jill though it wasn't quite 9hours,wish I could craft for so long!!lol more like 6,but with breaking off evry half hour to the phone and a voice'mum can you pick me up or take me here there and everywhere!!!)' Plus having tea,showers and getting ready for school etc.So probably all in all was 3 hours!!kids lol
    love your card and the cuttlebug folder is perfect for it.
    love debbie xxx

  2. Well I wish I could create something like that in 15 minutes, What could you create in an hour ???? is what I would like to

  3. Doreen, it only took 15 minutes as I knew exactly what I was going to do for this card and there was no colouring in or wording. My biggest worry on this one was finding the few things I needed to make it as I'd left all my demo stuff at the show. I can assure you that I can usually spend hours just looking at my stuff waiting for an idea to come, let alone time to make a card!

    I do know though that I could create quite a mess in hour, lol!

    Jill x

  4. Looks fab Jill and yep the folder is a great match for the new stamp set :D Great clours too, love it!


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