Sunday, 7 March 2010

Thank You!

Blimey, you are REALLY loving our latest blog candy, I'm not surprised as it is a truly yummy one!! Thank you all so much for entering and also to all the new followers.

How funny are the comments that we can make space for 12 new ink pads in our craft area! Only saying this because I understand so well and have had to have a major clear out recently, I'll explain about that later this week.

I cannot believe our blog now has 300 followers... Welcome to all the new followers who have joined, and thanks to everyone else following for sticking with us. Your visits and comments are all always really appreciated!!

I was in a bit of a panic at the shop yesterday as the distress ink pads have been selling so well, we had loads, but I hadn't actually put a set aside for the prize, and the spares in the warehouse side are dwindling. So, I grabbed one of each to make sure they are safely put aside for the winner before we run out. Phew... It had to be done!! 

There's still plenty left in the shop but, what if I'd forgot to put a set aside and we sold out!!!! Eeek, nightmare alley after you've all entered:)  Time for a re-order me thinks!!

I've been VERY quiet, for me, over the last couple of weeks for a number of reasons, all good ones, but I have been busy. I'll post more about it all this coming week so please call back to hear our exciting news about....

New Stamp Sheets from Tracey Coates
Our next TV Show
Demonstration/Sale Weekend Event
My Spring/Decade or so... Clear Out
Upcoming shows - GNPE Harrogate

Have a good Sunday!


  1. lol , fancy not having a set aside ! lol ...dont matter if i win i think i want the refills anyway ... ( please do say you have THEM !) lol , you never know i may be the very very lucky one ! ... and yes your candy is totally fabulous !

    I have only ever been to your shop 3 times ... and once it was open lol everytime i went i forgot your closing day ! rofl ... i had a group of crafters with me .... Then you moved !! was a while ago .... so your not the only one disorganised !
    maddy x

  2. Had to laugh at your comments about a clear out! I started mine last week & it's still ongoing - & likely to be so for a while longer yet! It's amazing what we accumulate without realising how it's all mounting up. I'm working on the basis that if I haven't used it (or remembered I had it!) in the past year, I don't need it, so it can go. But there's always, well, now I've found it again, maybe I'll find a use for it. So it stays. I guess the clear out will never be finished. It's beginning to seem as though the solution would be to buy a bigger house! (And probably easier too!)

    Looking forward to hearing your exciting news! x

    PS. Don't sell out of the new Distress pads. If I don't win the blog candy I'll be needing to buy some. When I've made space!

  3. OOOH Jil I am looking forward to hearing about what you have been up to while you have been quiet. Can't wait to hear about the new stamp sheets.

  4. just found this from my old - very old crafting blog - club is no longer running now .... but this is a pic of your old shop !

    look what you turned us into !!!!

    heres the mad women

  5. It's no wonder those gorgeous ink pads are selling the new colours are marvellous. And no wonder so many people have joined in to win the candy it's so delicious.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  6. Not surprised you have received so many comments re your latest candy.
    Fab prize for one lucky person, just hoping it is me LOL
    Will keep checking this week to hear why you have been so quiet.
    Christine xx

  7. Congrats on so many new followers, Jill :)
    Sounds like you have been busy!

  8. Hi Jill!!! It was so nice to meet you yesterday in the shop.We carried on into Skipton & shopped a lil bit more,lol!!!
    Looking forward to using my new goodies :o)x

  9. Jill, Too funny. Thanks again for hanging out a bit and letting me shop on Sat. You have a great store and I cannot wait to get back up there. Angela


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