Friday, 28 May 2010

Another fine mess I got myself into!!

Well, Debbie captured the moment when I HAD to have a tidy up on Wednesday!  There I am bag in hand scouping up.  Thank goodness I'd had a head start before she came and caught me mid tidy, it doesn't actually look as bad as it had.

How could I have so much room to work in and still have to tidy up to clear some space to carry on working? I know there is the what's on your work desk thingie every Wednesday, I really should submit a photo and join in, I'd be a proper candidate for it!

Trouble was that I was on a mission to start a new project on Monday, so itching to get going, I'd left the rest of the tidying up after Saturday's workshop scattered about, you know how it is, starting something new always has a huge pull.  Much more enticing than tidying up!!

By Wednesday lunchtime I was struggling for space and by Wednesday closing time, well, it was even worse!  MUCH worse, even the chairs had stuff stored on them and I won't mention the floor!!  Luckily Debbie had left well before, phew (so no photos of it!).

We are closed on Thursdays so today I will go in and find another fine mess I got myself into...

I really must have a tidy up before I get started today.  Why do we get everything out?  All our worldly crafting goodies surrounding us and about 6" of space to work in.  Surely I'm not alone in this???



  1. Hope you get time to play :)

  2. No Jill, you are definately not alone in this. In fact I can work in much less than a 6 inch square ! :-)

  3. He, he, Jill - I'm MUCH worse than that, I can assure you and my desk is a disaster but when I had the workshop part of the shop, I used to end up filling all four tables with my stuff as I was working on samples and workshop stuff. Then I wondered why I couldn't find things???? It's that creative frenzy, isn't it? Nice, though :D

  4. You are DeFiNiTeLY not alone! I often end up working on my lap - I'd much rather craft to the last minute than tidy up. I end up having blitzes of tidying every now and then instead lol

  5. Jill you are definately not alone. I start with good intentions but it never lasts.
    Pat xx

  6. Hi Jill, I know exactly where you are coming from! Mind you 6" of space would be a luxury for me!! It's usually about 2" square!! Hopefully get up to the shop again soon. S x

  7. Ha ha Jill it was sooo worth it with what you created!! Really excellent piece of Art!!
    I can't wait for everyone to see it!!


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