Monday, 24 May 2010

Saturday's Workshop!

Well, I promised photographic evidence of Saturday's workshop and here it is...

Before I go any further I have to explain that I believe that Jeanette above and Kim in the background, along with the other 4 ladies that signed up for this course, didn't FULLY realise that when the workshop was advertised as cards for men with Moonglow, that it was going to get messy.  Surely they must have had an inkling that I might bring out the jars of yummy messy stuff?  In hindsight, I think they secretly knew and were up for the challenge, well good on 'em for giving it a go!

There were 10 ladies that attended on Saturday, which was a VERY hot day, I had 2 themes going on but I'll get to the other theme shortly.  Six were signed up for the Moonglow Techniques for mens cards and 4 for Ian's birthday Time Flies card.

So, the soon to be named 'mucky 6' who opted for the Moonglow option, ALL accepted the offer of gloves.  Eeek, not a good sign, I have to admit I was worried if any of them could handle the mess they were about to encounter, even with the gloves.  But they picked up their first brush, stirred, dipped and copied what I'd shown them, and hey ho, they loved it!!  See, it wasn't so bad was it ladies?

Photo:   Jeanette...  NEVER EVER DONE MESSY before, 
she loved it and got totally carried away!  
Yes, she really did it family and friends,
I think we have a converted crafter.  Finally!!

I guided them through more techniques and they were all on a roll, demanding more paper, more card, more colours, lol!!  It was SO nice for me to see them enjoying creating.

Making those background papers were nothing in comparison to the mess I got them into with a technique that involved copious amounts of wet glue...  Gloves definitely went on for this one, lol, and I did have to nag a little bit on this to make sure they used plenty of glue.  I explained where we were going with it and they had to trust me!  I expected real protests but, by then, they were well into the messy zone and just loved and accepted it, amazing!!!   I think that my present to them of letting them loose ripping up a real newspaper from 1925 with it's authentic 'old' smell helped lots:)  Fun, but serious stuff too.

Meanwhile, I had promised a couple of lovely ladies that they could come and make Ian's birthday card that day when they asked at our recent demo day, well, it turned into 4 ladies, as it does!

Debbie, Ian and I tried to prepare it well for them to be able to come and just get on with it.

It's never a great idea to have 2 completely different themes going on in a workshop but those gals did a grand job with their times flies cards.

It was slightly odd at the end of the day to see that Ian's original card had reproduced though...

A little peek at Kath's so far unfinished cards.

And a couple of Mollies still to finish makes

The ladies then left to do their shopping, the room was very quiet.

Ummm, here's the mess on the Cuttlebug table!!!

As they left, they all said how much they had enjoyed their day which was lovely to hear.



  1. looks like a fabby messy day jill!love all the time cards.
    You should of showed a picture of your mess today!!!lol
    debbie xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos of your workshop Jill, looks like everyone had a fab time getting 'messy'
    Sorry for being a bad blogger and not posting comments, although I do look at your posts.
    Hope the workshops continue as we might be your way some time during the summer.
    Christine xx

    PS Belated Happy Birthday to Ian, love his card

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all and some fab output resulted. Glad everything went well and it was a success Jill !

  4. Brilliant, I love making a mess, especially when it ends up with a lovely background!Shame I couldn't join in, it looks as if you all had a wonderful time x

  5. Looks like everyone had a wonderfully creative time. Love the cards. thanks for sharing. Angela

  6. It sure looks like a FINE TIME was had by all! Wish i was there.

    I am sorry i did not post sooner, but I was quite ill with Bronchitis AND an upper respiratory infection.

    My TH Gears Die arrived about 1.5 weeks ago now, I have not used it yet, but it sure looks fun :)

    Thanks so very much, I am glad I won this candy!



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