Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Lady in .... Red, and other chatter

My apologies, I didn't end up posting yesterday as promised as I had a workshop which was a brilliant crafty time, with a great bunch of people who I think all felt somewhat challenged at some point in the day.

All for the good though, as they told me afterwards that they had really enjoyed the day and learnt lots, I think it was an eye opener for some (especially that 'messy' Jeanette!!!).  I don't think I bullied them all too much:)

I was only keeping them on their toes so they could keep up with the confusion I was feeding them, lol!!!  I'll explain why when I give a full account of the day (maybe tomorrow), I do have photographic evidence!!!!

It was a VERY hot day to be inside, it must have been down to the heat, as I was exhausted by the time I got home, so no blogging.  It was yummy pasta and homemade garlic bread flopped in front of the telly last night with frequent jaunts into the garden for a cool down with Hamish (our dog).  Isn't it great that summer has finally arrived and we have lovely brightness and sunshine, it makes you feel good!!  But, I love it and I hate it too 'cos I'm of an age that doesn't need any extra heat, phew...  you can keep the heat, I just love the brightness and the fact that nature has come alive again and everything looks so nice, alive and growing.

Even our normally cold unit was hot and we actually had fans on to keep us cool, amazing to have ditched the heating and thermals for fans and open doors in a matter of days!

As I said before, I took some photos and I will tell you all about our day which included a VERY confirmed, non-messy crafter who LOVED what she was doing!  I have been informed that her messiness would shock people who know her!

Anyway, here's the low down on today's card...

It's another example of the kiss technique that Karen has used on the cards she has made that I've shown this week with Tracey's Alluring Ladies stamp sheet.  I know that people are somewhat put off by solid or bold stamps but this technique shows how versatile they can be. If you've missed this technique, do look through this weeks' posts for more details.

The panel is actually silver mirri card, a nice idea to have her looking in a full length mirror!

The dress looks to have lots of texture.

 I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!



  1. Beautiful card. Annette x

  2. Another great card and love the technique. xx

  3. Great card, Jill. It's been a beautiful weekend hasn't it but I don't envy you being stuck indoors.
    I love the hot weather and I agree the countryside looks stunning in the bright clear weather. Just perfect.
    Have a good week.


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