Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Inspiration from Tracey Coates - Part 2

I'm so behind today, I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get round to preparing and posting today, I started this post this afternoon and now look at the time that I'm actually getting round to finishing it off.  But I'm going to get it posted before midnight if it's the last thing I do!!!!!  It's been one hell of a weekend one way or another, plus Ian has man-flu, but that's been the least of it!!  I feel I've been strapped to this computer all weekend.

Something good happened though, as I joined facebook last night, it's been nice to get away from the other grotty frustratingly slow computer stuff that's been going on while I've been chained here.  So in between all that, I've been back and forth on facebook as well as brief interludes of very little housework and ironing that I got done. There will be a price to pay when we're running out of clothes in the wardrobe by the end of the week, which incidentally is not a good thing as we have the Happy Stampers North West Show at Port Sunlight!

Vix set up a Stampman page for us on fb months ago and I think she'd given up mentioning it to me, so when Debbie mentioned that Vix had told her about it this week, I thought I ought to give it a go since she assured me that her and Debbie would do what was needed.  Apparently all I needed to do was register myself...  That was all, oh, so how come I now have a feeling that I'm going to get as addicted to that as I am to blogging?  I think I fell for it again, it was Debbie that got me into blogging, now look, you can't shut me up, lol! 

You'll need more than a naughty chair Vix, I tell you, never mind dusting it off, wait until I see you on Saturday!!!!!  (I'll sort Debbie out in the week:))

I have to say I still haven't a clue about it as I've not looked at Facebook before but thankfully I have friends and am not a billy no mates, I've had a chat online with Tracey, who is also new to it (and who also should have been doing her ironing), and also caught up with a friend from years ago, and once I get a minute there's other friends I want to catch up with too.  Not that bad then.  (Very good really:))))

The very bad bit about this weekend is that the website has been down, and up, and down and now up!!!  I'll save you from reading through a VERY loooooooooong frustrating story, I'll just say that if I hadn't been distracted by FB this weekend, I would be bald and locked up by now!!

Anyway... You'll be wondering if I'm ever going to get round to showing you the next lot of inspiration from Tracey, I'm sure some have scrolled down passed my waffle by now:)  But to those that have stuck with me, a grateful thank you!!

But, before we get to Tracey's work, I need to remind you that if you haven't joined in the blog candy yet, then your time runs out at midday Tuesday UK time.

Plus, as I don't think I can really hide it for the next week or so, I'm the Guest Designer, starting today at Crafty Cardmakers, who we sponsor, if you want to take a look click HERE.

Right then, down to proper business, I've looked at the clock and that's it, I've not made my deadline for posting this today.

OK, so now I'm early for tomorrow...

I think these are well worth waiting for...The first one, that I tempted you with at the beginning is so stunning, I'm showing it again

As with an image in yesterday's collection, Tracey has embossed the main picture then cracked it.

Next in line is this distressed bird frame

The photos don't show how amazing these are in real life

Here is a close up of the gorgeous flower to help you see some of the detail.

And, the last one for now

I've just looked at the original of this one and the background colour in the photo is not the same, it must have been the light when I took the photos, it is actually nearer the wild honey shade rather than the pink tone you can see. 

The soda label embellishments have been embossed in clear ep.  The main one mounted on a crushed bottle top.  The washer is less aged than the rusty looking one from yesterday so I now suspect yesterday's washer was embossed/distressed.  Maybe Tracey will add more about the finer details for us.

OK, only about 20 minutes late, but then that's about how late I normally run:(

I hope you have all had a good weekend, enjoy the rest of the week.



  1. Loved your card guest designer!

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous ♥

  3. Sounds like you've really had a weekend of it Jill and poor Ian. Hope he feels better very soon.
    I love Tracey's work, thank you for sharing how she did it and Congrats on your DT spot, truly well deserved.



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