Friday, 10 July 2009

French Country Starburst Stains

This is my favourite set at the moment, if you look in the labels on the side bar you'll find some more card ideas that I've posted before.

The colours in this set are:

Amarylis Burgundy, French Lilac Violet, Jack in the Pulpit Teal, Marigold Yellow Orange, Wisteria Purple Blue.

The first 2 pictures featured in recent posts, but the other 3 are backgrounds made with the noodle brush that I have dipped in water then swiped across the background, while it was still wet I added embossing powders and heated. It takes a bit of practice to get the right amount of water, I usually give the brush a little shake, hold the card up to the light and keep an eye on where I have water before adding the powder otherwise it is easy to end up with an embossed blob! I like using these backgrounds for oriental cards, as per last example.


  1. These are my favourite too, Jill.


  2. Now these colours I DO like Jill, I will have to check on what set I have, then look to see what you have done with them.
    Christine xxx


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