Saturday, 4 July 2009

Japanese Gardens - Starburst Stains

We now have the same set colours in spray bottles as well as the dauber bottles and brush on the fun jars. They are on special offer at £19.99 and contain the same quantity as the previous sets. Click HERE to find them on our website.

As I said yesterday, I'm working my way through all 11 Starburst Stain set to show the colour charts and cards to give you an idea of them in use. Unfortunately the shimmer doesn't show in all the photos but I think most people know about the effects of these now. I hope bringing this information together here will help those who haven't been able to watch our shows on Create and Craft.

Today I'm showing one of my favourite sets, Japanese Gardens. I have even used this set for Christmas cards, so it's versatile too. If you click on the photo it will give a closer view of the colours in the set, which are:

Black Orchid Silver, Cocoa Bean Copper, Poinciana Flame Red, Saxifrage Olive Copper

The card idea shows a number of techniques, mainly as the background is made with left over strips that I have woven together (approx 1" wide). The card is actually a 8" x 8" square card. I have also made paper beads with the leftover strips that I cut into long thin triangles of about 4"-5" before winding them around cocktail sticks. Use a glue stick or any wet glue and apply leaving about 1 cm without glue at the widest end then wind up and hold into place between your finger and thumb until it is stuck down. Long thin rectangular shapes will make cylindrical beads, use different widths of card to vary the size of the beads. You can also paint on varnish to give them a gloss or matt finish but it's not necessary. I tend to make them out of leftovers in advance so they are ready to use when required, I keep them in grip seal bags with pre-pared backgrounds I have made with the sets until I want to use them.

As an added touch I have used a quickie glue pen and gold leafing to add a bit of bling to them.

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  1. Spray starburst!!!! What are you doing to me Jill. I put mine into little sprtiz bottles and it's such a fiddle. Having them ready to go will be great. Your card is really beautiful as always.



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