Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Brilliance ink card from Monday's show

I thought I'd start with this card from Monday's show first. I made it with the Brilliance ink pads featured in the show, I'll explain how it was made shortly, but first a bit about our day.

We normally only get to show 3 demos but on Monday they wanted extras, it caught me out as the floor manager had moved my demo crate to the other end of the set. I had told the producer I could do some demos on the hop if needed, when I looked down my crate wasn't there!

I always try to keep it near me just in case I've forgotten to get something out and only have to reach down, it was way too far down the counter for me to even grab when Joanne was at the other end, so the floor manager came behind us on his hands and knees to grab it back, better him than me, as you'd have probably seen my head bobbing up and down as I went along!! He couldn't even drag it in case it made a noise so he had to lift and carry it back while still on his knees. That'll teach him to move the guests things too far away from them:)

I hadn't worked with Joanne before but I found her good to work with, she is a lovely lady, I felt she let me talk and get on with it.

We had a meeting at Ideal World before we set off on our journey back home and found that the sign we saw first thing in the day about the A1 north being closed still stood, it was quite foggy in the morning and we thought that it was maybe an accident or fog that would have cleared by the time we headed home, but no, it was completely closed into the afternoon with a huge back log of traffic on the small roads in the diversion (to Newark).

Thank goodness for Sally traffic who said the junction was open so we turned around. The junction wasn't open as stated but we followed the other cars that had listened to Sally and obviously knew an alternative route and hey, we turned up at the next junction to a nice clear road! All was OK until we hit the M62. Sorry, I seem to be getting obsessed with traffic, I'll shut up about it now.... so more about Monday....

I think they were quite taken with this card and Joanne kept going back to it. I wasn't expecting to demo it but it was a nice simple idea and definitely my kind of thing.

In case you missed the show, I applied the Brilliance ink pads direct-to-craft sheet, just randomly using the crimson, ivy, gold and white ink pads (they are all pearlescent inks). I hadn't taken my spray bottle so I had to sacrifice my drinking water by flicking it onto the ink splodges, I did most of that off screen, not a glamorous way to do it, much better to use a spray bottle if you have one!

I then placed my card on top of the inky mess and swished it, lifted it, swished it, lifted it etc, until I was happy with the pattern. You can always add more colour and if you find it is getting a little dark, just apply more of the white. The card I made has more of a pink tone to it than the darker crimson as I had used more white on that piece. I used more gold in the demo, but as I say, it doesn't really matter as you can adjust it.

I stamped over the background with the black archival ink pad when it was dry. I did add some colour to the leaves on the finished card with the Stardust pens and also added the brads to the flower centres so basically a very quick card to make, but it does have a lovely pearlescent finish to it.

I'm not sure if the show will be repeated at the weekend, but if it is I will post the details as soon as I know. I'll show another card from the show tomorrow, it'll be a shrink plastic one, didn't Joanne do well with her first piece of shrink plastic, I think she was really pleased with it. You didn't see us doing it on screen, but we did a high five after it!

Thank you for the comments and messages you have left here or emailed, they are always lovely to receive.



  1. Great show! I've had Brilliance inkpads for years and never thought of using them in this way. Had to try it out at once, & it worked really well. Your samples are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Absolutely enjoyed the show,
    loved the samples and demos,

  3. Great show again Jill as usual.Your quite the expert now!!lol and Joanne really did seem lovely.Hope you get her again.
    Debbie xx

  4. Hi Jill. It was a great show. A real pick me up after the dentist!! You are such a pro now. I love all the shrink plastic and that brilliance background is fantastic. I never thought of doing this sort of thing with these pads either, but will definitely be trying it now.
    Driving on motorways is a nightmare isn't it, I don't envy you having to do such a long journey at all, although rest assured, we do appreciate it if it means we get more of you on the TV.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  5. loved the show - Brilliance inks are now on my list of "must haves"


  6. Thank you for your comments ladies, glad you enjoyed the show.

    I couldn't resist having a messy play with the Brilliance pads and I was pleased I got a chance to show that demo, I was pleased too with how they worked when I tried it at home.

    Guess what, I found my water spray bottle at the bottom of my crate of demo stuff from the show when I unpacked it yesterday, so I needn't have had to do all that water flicking with my fingers! Never mind:) That's live TV for you!

    Our next show is at noon (again) on Saturday, 28th November, I hope you'll be able to watch it.

    Jill x


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