Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New blog look and more Nestie Shrink Plastic

Another card with a shrink plastic button along with a large piece that I used as a platform/mount for paper flowers.

I decided to have a play yesterday evening and decorate my blog page.  I may have another play and change it.  What do you think so far?  or, do you like it as it is? 

When I started my blog I didn't really know what to do for decoration so just left it. 

Tracey having started her new blog has spured me on to have a play with it.  I did try to help Tracey with her new blog and managed to loose her lovely background so I thought I needed to learn a little more about it myself!!

Talking of Tracey, she is working on new stamp designs to add to the ones we already have in hand but she has asked if there are any stamp designs you would like to her to draw.  Do pop over to her new blog with any suggestions you have.



  1. Hi Jill,
    loving your new look blog and all your latest card designs.
    I am 'listening' to you and Kay on C&C as I type. I keep switching between my tabs to see what both of you are doing. Good to have you back on tv, even if the show is a repeat.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xxx

  2. Hi my lovely!

    Nipping over to say Hi to Tracy in a minute.. but thought I'd just pop on here..

    The blog is looking lovely, but how about something a bit more sparkly? Make a background with your lovely lovely inks and photograph it.. you can then add it as a background to your blog. Just another thought - how about a wider central section and some fancy text? If you need a hand, just ask.

    Header? I can do you that too.. lol.

    Jo xxx

  3. Evening Jill. Two great cards. I'm loving the shrink plastic. I've got so many things on the go at the minute and am desperate to have a play with it. Maybe tonight!! Although it is Holby so may have to be tomorrow!!
    I like the new look blog, you're one step ahead of me, I've not dared attempt to alter my background yet, not really HTML literate.
    I like Jo's suggestion about making your own. A starbusrt background would be lovely.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, I appreciate them so much.



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