Wednesday, 25 November 2009


In the run up to Christmas, I have decided to run a few blog candy giveaways, the lucky winners will receive these extra presents for Christmas as a big thank you for visiting, following and for the lovely comments you have left since I started blogging. 

I've really appreciated your support with it, so thank you very much for taking the time to read all my waffle!

Some of the giveaways will have a short time space, so do call back regularly to see what's happening, or you'll miss out and that wouldn't do would it! 

I have other fun things planned to continue the giveaways into the Christmas holidays that will also take us into the new year that I hope you will join in with too.

The first blog candy giveaway will begin soon, so do call back to join in!


PS:  Don't forget to set your telly box to record our next live Create and Craft show for Saturday at noon!


  1. Oooooooo Jill, this sounds fun. I certainly will set my Sky box for your latest live show.
    Christine xx

  2. Hello Jill
    After some considerable time being absent because of my ill health I am now vert busy trying to catch up with all that's been appearing on your blog.
    Really love all I am seeing & looking forward to seeing you on C&C., as you never dissappoint.
    Jill, please would you be so kind as to answer me a question if you can?
    Sometime ago I saw someone use surgical spirit on a TV craft demonstration I got my husband to buy me some but have not the faintest idea why, can you help??
    Lastly, WHOOPEE!! yet more
    generosity from you & your annoucement of lovely "blog candy" --- can't wait!!!
    Keep on inspiring you do a great job!!

  3. Thanks for mentioning the Saturday show. I'll be watching out for it.
    Beryl xx

  4. I'l be watching too, after being kicked off your followers list and reconnecting, I'm back for good now. Have no idea how it happened, although have a feeling my 15 month old might be involved!


    Very exciting!

    Kimmi x

  5. Like Beryl, I'm grateful for the reminder of the show, It'd completely slipped my memeory!! It's written on the calander now.
    You are so generous with your candy, I shall be keeping my eyes peeled!!


  6. complimenti per i tuoi lavori sono molto belli... sarĂ² felice di partecipare ai prossimi blog candy

  7. Thanks for the reminder about the show! I missed the last one and have been kicking myself with every post! Looking forward to seeing the blog candy too - very exciting!

  8. Ooh, sounds exciting! Will keep watching, and looking forward to the show.

  9. Ooooh good.....I get to watch one live for a change..not doing anything Sat Yeh!

  10. Hope I can get your show on my Freeview box - thanks for the heads up Jill - look forward to watching whether it be on tv or computer.

  11. Hi Jill - look forward to the next show - thought the last one was brill - big thank you - I learn something new every time. More blog candy too - very exciting!


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