Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Create and Craft show on Saturday at noon!

My excitement about the show is mounting, as yesterday I received a whole lot of cards, it was like having Christmas and a big special birthday all in one go!  So many cards to look at and admire. 

But it isn't my birthday or Christmas yet... the postie brought them from Vix and Jo who have made cards for Saturday's show for us.  You know how it is, you get a pile of cards for your birthday and you want to open them all at once, but at the same time, take time to enjoy each one.  T'was even better than opening a box of your favourite chocolates!!

If I get a chance, I will let you know which ones they both made on the show.

They have done an absolutely fabulous job with them, so many different ideas and techniques, it's great having different people's take on products.  It also shows how versatile the stamps are.  It is a challenge, as we are supposed to limit ourselves as near as possible to products sold in the show.  We can't have every basic stamping supply on the show so using things that most people are likely to have in their collection is a bit of a necessity. 

We have lots of flip through cards, so if you missed the last show then hopefully you'll get a peek at those too.  If you have already bought the stamp sheets, then I hope you will gain more inspiration for them with the products and techniques we have in Saturday's show.

I am really impressed that they have both been able to stick so near to the products in the show and have come up with some lovely ideas to show you!  So thank you Vix and Jo, I really appreciate all your hard work. 

Oh, just spotted that Vix has added her cards to her blog already, so do go and have a peek, she will be explaining about them over the next week.  Didn't she do well!!

Vix added something extra in her parcel, a gift for me, that I will try to show you on Saturday, something not stamping but on the theme!  Vix told me it is the first one she has made like this, gosh, what'll they be like when she's had more practise!!  I will take a photo of it and post it here when I get back.

I'm not coming back home straight after the show as I'm taking the opportunity of visiting my family while down that way, apparently I've a full itinerary planned while I'm down there though, so really looking forward to all that too!  When I get back I've so much to catch up on, including my blog hops, sorry I've been AWOL in that department recently, it will be nice to catch up with what everyone is up to.  Probably lots of Christmassy things going on, eeek, I really must get my cards done!  

I'm really behind with reporting events here....  We had 2 fab visitors at the shop last Thursday, Sarah and Kate, who had arranged a meet at the shop and, they brought some of their artwork with them!  Do click on their names to go see what they have to show on their blogs...

I tried not to drool too much, but I did touch, there were textures to be felt and colours to adore...  They decided to meet here as it is about half way for them both and it was lovely to spend time with them both, I've known Sarah for years, but it was the first time Sarah and I had met Kate.  I had visited Kate's blog and admired her journal pages, what a talented lady!   I thought, like Sarah, that they were probably large pages, A4, but in reality they were in a cute tactile A6 (ish) size soft leather bound treasure trove journal!  It really inspired me, huge pages are scary, but this size looks achievable, I must make time to do this as something that's for me. 

I am especially pleased that Kate is intending to use our Moonglow Starburst Stains in one of her workshops in March next year, I can't wait to see what she does with them!  If you are in the North Yorkshire area, I think you'll have a great time if you can attend Kate's workshops!

It was also lovely to see Sarah's artwork, being able to share artwork on blogs is great but it really is so much better to actually see things in  real life and appreciate the colours and work involved.  Sarah has sent me some cards this week, made with Kay's stamps, I'm sure she will be showing them on her blog so keep an eye open for them here!

Well, better get on...  The first of our blog candy giveaways has now started, so please do join in!



  1. Jill... so glad you got the cards okay. I hope they were okay.

    will speak soon x

  2. Oh my word Jill. I will definitely be there watching the telly here in Spain, no mistake about it!

    I love Vix, she got me into cardmaking and saved me from isolation when I first came here. Her cards are the best, and I can say that 'cos I have some of them.

    I just love your shows on C&C I learn so much from them, I have to get myself more organised though, as I seem to either see the tail end or the beginning of a show, before I need to get one with something, because I forget to bookmark it, or clear my diary. Won't be doing that tomorrow. (Waiving madly like a lunatic at ya). :0)

  3. Oooh thanks for the shout :-) We had a fab day stroking everything in your shop LOL! Still can't get create and craft on TV out here in the sticks but will try on-line... Good luck!


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