Saturday, 28 November 2009

NEW Create & Craft Show Today at Noon!

We hope you will be able to join us today, we have some new kits to use with Tracey's designs to show even more ways to use them. 

I believe we have Nigel presenting the show which is great!  So glad he is back:)

After the last show with Tracey's designs, Create and Craft asked us for another Moonglow Sampler Kit, brad kits, heatable acetate and also gold leafing, and we certainly have lots of it in the show!

I actually left home yesterday, so am not really here!  I've scheduled this post, hope it works!!

I'm stopping down South for a few days now to visit my family.  I'm hoping to have a day out and do a little Christmas shopping with mum, which will be a REAL treat!  I will be popping in though if I get a chance to borrow mum's laptop, she's become quite a whizz on it now, so I might not get much of a look in:) 


Kay and I had hoped to be doing a new show around this time with her new DVD's that she made in conjunction with Craft Stamper Magazine, unfortunately it wasn't possible to go ahead with it.  When I suggested it, I thought it would be a good idea and the prospect of it gave us much excitement.  It would have been nice to have been able to give you a few little peeks at the demos and gallery on your telly's, but it wasn't to be. 

The DVDs are a great Christmas present idea to add to your wish list if you want to see Kay doing her stuff!  Click HERE if you would like more info about them.

Last of the last batch of Demo Cards

Today's card is the last of the demo cards from the last show with Kay's stamps.  Following yesterday's card, it also features the masking technique.  I much prefer this card as it is much more subtle, perhaps it is the time of year, yesterday's card would be much more appreciated when spring arrives, it was a little bright:) 

The masking panel is again only a small part of the sheet I made for the show.  I still have plenty of the sheet left, I will have to save it to use when the weather gets better for cards in Spring.

Forward planning though, mum's birthday is in January and I'm sure a nice bright cheery card would be most welcome!!

Just a little detail on the paper flowers... I added dots from the Stardust pens to tie them into the dots on the stamp design, they also add a little extra sparkle to the card.

I hope you can watch the show today, if you haven't been able to, I will post the repeat times as soon as I know them, so do call back later!

Hope you are having a good weekend!



  1. hi i look forward to the show and will be setting a reminder in a mo. how about a special internet entry in the the magic hands card box for one of the lovely cards..have a great day success to you jan

  2. Really looking forward to seeing Tracey's new designs. Have a good time at your mum's and 'enjoy' the Christmas shopping.

  3. Am sitting here watching it live now,
    Adore the new stamps,

  4. Fabulous show Jill, lovely seeing Tracey too.
    I was lucky to have my email read out so I am hoping I will be lucky to win one of your lovely cards.
    I missed Tracey when you were on previously, such a lovely lady and a well deserved DT member.
    Loved all of your sample cards, your techniques and the Gold Leaf as demoed by Tracey.
    Hope you have a super time with your family.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine (Ladylace) xxx

  5. Another great show, Jill. Loved all the samples, and those stamps are gorgeous.

  6. Hope you've had a nice break! Great show on saturday and wow soooo many techniques in a hour! Well done to you and tracey :D


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