Saturday, 28 November 2009

Repeat times for today's Create & Craft show

Just a quick post to thank everyone for watching the show today, for the emails, and for your comments.

If you missed the show, you may be able to catch a repeat at midnght tonight or 7am in the morning.

Many thanks



  1. Just watched the midnight repeat - brilliant!
    Nice to see Vix's cards, as she is new to the team.

  2. Hi Jill, super show yesterday and I was so pleased my email was the first to be read out on the show.
    I realised later in the day I had forgotten to put my addy on it.
    Not sure if I will receive a card if I was lucky enough to be drawn from the cup of chance.
    I will remember next time.
    Christine xx

  3. Hi Jill. I'm a bit slow posting but I did watch. Had to tape it as we came to Skipton for a coffee, but so glad I did, the programme was great. You and Tracey did so well and showed some lovely techniques. I want to get all my Starburst and Moonglow out and start playing again.
    Hope you had a safe journey home.



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