Monday, 9 November 2009

Live show repeat times

Just a quick post as we have only just got home, (traffic problems again!)

Today's Create & Craft TV show will be repeated at 11pm tonight and 7am in the morning on Sky 671.

Will post more tomorrow



  1. Thanks for the heads up Jill. I meant to try and watch this at work today but got called in to sort out some lunchtime issues. xx

  2. How brave are you?! Shrink plastic on live tv, omg lol! I fluff mine frequently, not something I'd ever attempt! Brilliant Jill, brill!

  3. I'm SO excited, Jill...I'm watching you right NOW! Thanks to Sarah for the email alert!

    How fun!

  4. Morning Jill, I am soooo disapointed to not being able to watch your show. Only logged on this morning and missed not only your 'LIVE' but also both repeats
    I am sure they were a success though.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xxx

  5. Hi Jill,

    Just wanted to say that I watched the show and thought you were fantastic!! The whole show was excellent - well done you!!

    Kay x

  6. Jill ~ pop on over to The Open Window for a little gift....I watched the entire hour you were on!

    You did a marvelous job!

  7. Thank you for your comments!

    Hey Julie, how cool is technology that you can watch it from so far away! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sticking with it till the end:)

    Sorry you missed it Christine, now they have started the live shows at weekends too I don't think it is being repeated now.

    We have another show on Sat, 28th Nov at noon. I hope you will be able to catch that one.

    Thanks Kay, it was odd to be doing it on my own, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it:)

    Julie, thank you so much for my gift, I'm still catching up, I will get onto it asap!

    Thanks again

    Jill x


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